Senators will debate whether to override the Governor's vetoes Wednesday, May 17th.
Act now! Urge your State Senator to override the Governor's budget vetoes.
Dear Nonprofit Leaders,

Governor Pete Ricketts decided to veto $56.5 million from the state's general fund budget already approved by lawmakers. His line-item vetoes include additional cuts in funding for state agencies - such as the university, state and community colleges systems - the State Capitol HVAC system and further reductions in funding for provider rates.

Here are the specific cuts. These are in addition to cuts previously made to close the budget shortfall:
  • $7.3 million in cuts to higher education (over the next two years);
  • $33.6 million in cuts to provider rates in four programs within the Department of Health and Human Services (Behavioral Health Aid, Medicaid, Child Welfare Aid, Developmentally Disabled Aid); and
  • $11.06 million in cuts for replacing the State Capitol's heating and air conditioning system.
These ADDITIONAL cuts will cause harm to services Nebraskans rely on, including higher education, foster care, services for those with developmental disabilities and access to health care.
The Appropriations Committee has voted to recommend overrides on the following line-item vetoes:
  • $2.37 million for Behavioral Health Aid provider rates
  • $23.6 million for Medicaid provider rates
  • $6.45 million for Developmentally Disabled Aid provider rates
  • $300k for probation services provided by the Supreme Court
  • Call or Email your State Senator today and urge them to vote to override the Governor's budget vetoes.
Senators will debate whether to override the vetoes Wednesday, May 17th.

Lawmakers have already worked hard to close a nearly $1 billion budget shortfall to balance the budget. Urge them to protect funding for the programs Nebraskans rely upon.

Even if your nonprofit organization does not receive state funding this will impact the work you do!
Anne Hindery, CEO
Nonprofit Association of the Midlands
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