Please Help Us Thank the Governor and Our Legislative Champions!
Many thanks go to each of YOU for all the wonderful advocacy you have done over the last six months! It has paid off with a number of major wins! See below for highlights from the Legislative Session.

Please take action today to thank the Champions who worked tirelessly to ensure funding for Early Ed this year!

Major Wins This Legislative Session: 

For the first time in a decade, more Louisiana working families will have crucial support in sending their children to a quality early care and education program thanks to a Governor and Legislative-supported budget that includes an $18.8 million increase for early ed programing and seats. This was accomplished even though the state budget bill started the legislative process with $0 new dollars for early learning for children birth through age four. 

Bottom Line: 
  • 1,450 additional children will be able to access the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and 800 children will be able to access a Pre-K program with these new funds. 
  • In addition, CCAP rates will go up, which is desperately needed to support quality. 
  • Also, the land based casino is likely to fund an additional 580 children in CCAP and incentivize an equal number of slots with matching local public and private dollars. 

For more information about the Legislative Session, see our most recent newsletter.

Please call or write and thank the following champions for their leadership in ensuring increased funding for early care and education this year.

  • Representative Neil Abramson - (504) 275-8051 or
  • Representative Steve Carter - (225) 362-5305 or
  • Representative Cameron Henry - (504) 838-5433 or
  • Representative Stephanie Hilferty (504) 885-4154 or
  • Representative Joe Marino - (504) 361-6013 or
  • Representative Walt Leger III - (504) 556-9970 or

  • Senator Conrad Appel - (504) 838-5550 or
  • Senator Eric LaFleur - (337) 363-5019 or
  • Senator Danny Martiny - (504) 834-7676 or
  • Senator Beth Mizell - (985) 839-3936 or
  • Senator JP Morrell - (504) 284-4794 or

Thank you again for all your advocacy on this critical issue for the young children of our state and their families! 
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