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Chris Christie Tom Foley protest Greenwich CT
Rally to protect CT gun safety laws, Greenwich, CT, July 21, 2014
Protest Against Tom Foley - Chris Christie Campaign Event in Stamford
Peaceful protest to bring attention to CT gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley's insensitive stance on gun violence and to highlight our support for candidates who will protect CT gun safety laws. 

Foley has promised to repeal the 2013 gun legislation if given the opportunity as governor.  NJ Gov. Christie, who vetoed a gun reform bill that would have limited magazine capacity, will be visiting CT again in support of Foley.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Assemble @5 PM, protest @5:30 PM sharp, to coincide with GOP fundraiser for Foley (Christie arrives at 6 PM)

Main Street, between Summer Street and Washington Blvd, across the street from Bobby V's restaurant, Stamford, CT.  Parking at Bell Street garage around corner. 

We have signs, or bring handmade signs of your own!
Show Christie that he's not wanted here and Foley that his weak platform on gun safety is unacceptable.

To let Tom Foley & Chris Christie know we've got eyes on them, tell Stamford to vote #gunsafety.
Show up (with/without sign), see friends, stay for an hour or so.  Nice downtown area - lots to see & do afterwards!
CT Voters for Gun Safety
Question: What's going to make the #1 difference in making sure Connecticut's strong gun safety laws remain intact and that CT continues on its progressive path to safer communities?  

Answer: VOTING.

Midterm elections are around the corner, and we are doing everything in our power to get out the vote this November.  The ENOUGH Campaign supports the work of CT Voters for Gun Safety, who have organized to help elect candidates who support strong Connecticut gun laws.  The group, a political action committee, has finalized its endorsements for the November 4 statewide and General Assembly elections.

For instance, for the CT General Assembly, CT Voters for Gun Safety endorses the following State Representative candidates in Stamford, CT:

H-144     Caroline B. Simmons (D)
H-147     William M. Tong (D)

Check out their website for a complete list of endorsements before you go out to vote.  Please share with others!

Important Future Dates 
Election Day
November 4, 2014

National Vigil of Remembrance
December 11, 2014, Washington DC

Click on the above links to learn more.  Stay tuned for more information about the National Vigil and local vigils near you!
Who We Are

Formed by local moms from Fairfield County, CT just days following the Newtown shooting, The ENOUGH Campaign's mission is to protect our families and our country as we advocate for more public awareness on the issues of gun violence prevention in America. Through legislative advocacy and community education, we champion stronger gun laws and aim to transform public perceptions of gun safety.

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