Action Alert:
Reach Out to House and Senate Leaders
They need to hear that the Competitive Workforce Factor will start to address the DSP workforce crisis.
We're making progress to convince lawmakers to support needed investments in the Disability Waiver Rate System, but we're not there yet.
Components of the Best Life Alliance legislation (a Competitive Workforce Factor of 4.7% and changes to the timing of inflationary adjustments) are currently in a good position as they are included in both the House and Senate omnibus bills. However, much can change between the current positions of the House and Senate and what ends up being the final Health and Human Services (HHS) Omnibus bill that will come out of conference committee.
One of the biggest deciding factors impacting the final bill components is the budget target or amount of money that can be spent in a bill. Therefore, it is critical that Best Life Alliance supporters reach out to legislative leaders now and next week with a personalized message about the HHS budget target.
How to take action:
WHEN: Now and next week
·      Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman:
·      Majority Leader of the House Ryan Winkler:
·      Ways and Means Chair of the House Lyndon Carlson:
·      Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka: Use Mail Form
·      President of the Senate: Jeremy Miller:
·      Finance Chair of the Senate: Julie Rosen:

WHAT: Please send a separate email to as many of the leaders above as possible, based on the sample message below:

SUBJECT LINE: Prioritize a Competitive Workforce for Disability Services

I’m reaching out to you as a strong supporter of community-based disability services. According to a current state analysis, wages for Direct Support Professionals who provide these critical services are 17% behind wages of professions with similar training and education requirements. This has created a workforce shortage that is at a crisis level.
The current House and Senate proposals establishing a competitive workforce factor have given hope to the thousands of Minnesotans providing and accessing disability services.
Please continue to prioritize investments for a competitive workforce factor for the disability waiver rate system.
Thank you, and please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions.
Additional Comments: As always, please feel free to insert a few short sentences into your message about the personal value that community-based services have in your life.
(Please insert your name and address here)

*Please forward any personal response you receive to*
Your voice can help us cross the finish line.