Action Alert: Say NO to Ohio School Boards and Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory – Indoctrination of Ohio’s Children
Throughout Ohio, school districts are teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) which divides children into two classes, those which are born with “white privilege” vs. those that are born non-white.
In the past, Ohio Value Voters has provided articles which explain the dangers of CRT and the indoctrination of students within Ohio’s schools and classrooms. Critical Race Theory (CRT)
Scott Huddle, a Mad River school board member, challenged the notion of CRT and systemic racism.

Here is a portion of a poem written by a Mad River teacher:  

“I am ashamed of my white privileged skin. Ashamed of my white brothers and sisters with their small minds killing my innocent brothers and sisters because of a color.”

Scott Huddle has taken a courageous stand by speaking out against using CRT in Ohio's schools. As a result of his just and brave stance, some Ohio School Board Association members are calling for his resignation as President of the OSBA.

Please join with like-minded parents and citizens and let the 32 OSBA Trustees (listed below) know you support Scott Huddle and reject CRT and the indoctrination of Ohio’s children. 

Below is the suggested email for the Trustees. You may use the following suggested subject line “Support President Huddle”:
Dear OSBA Trustee,
I am writing to express my support of OSBA President Scott Huddle. According to news sources, President Huddle is under attack for comments he made regarding his concerns about Critical Race Theory. I share his concerns.
Our children should not be educated in a manner that is racially divisive, or that teaches them to judge differences in skin color instead of content of character. I am opposed to any local, state or federal requirement that would force a local school district to incorporate critical race theory into their instruction. 
President Huddle should be applauded for his courage and leadership, and I urge you to extend your support to him as well. I will be contacting my local school board members to share this information with them, and to encourage them to ensure that their membership in OSBA aligns with the beliefs and values of their constituency.
Take the following string of Trustee email addresses and put them in the To: line and send: 

P.O. Box 29502,
Cleveland, OH 44129