You probably expect fishermen to protest against fishing policies. But usually, you are told we're just complaining  that  the laws are too cumbersome for us, or that we want more fish, or we don't want all the rules and regulations. 

Well, don't believe everything you hear.

This week we are joining forces with a lot of our friends and allies to say fisheries policies aren't doing enough to protect the ocean, which then puts my livelihood and our collective access to local seafood caught by independent, community-based, small and medium-scale fishermen at risk.

Join us tomorrow . In person in Plymouth, MA if you can. Or if you can't be there in person, let your voice be heard. There are a few ways for you to stand up, speak up, and be counted. 

Take Action NOW, and spread the word: 
  • Sign and share our Thunderclap campaign and/or the petition on
  • Read and share our blog post, Family Fishing for Future Generations
  • Know a reporter? Send them the media advisory.
  • Post to FB (copy and paste): 
    • TOMORROW: New England's family fishermen show the fisheries council they have failed to guard against corporate takeover of our ocean commons. Can you join them? Check out our newest blog post about the opportunity to stand in solidarity with family fishermen.
  • Post to Twitter (copy and paste): 
    • Join NE's family fishermen TOMORROW to tell policy makers they have failed community-based fishermen. More here:
If you can't make it tomorrow in person, you can watch our livestream of the protest and walkout. Thank you for standing up with us for the future of the fish and the fishing communities.

Jason Jarvis
Commercial fisherman, Rhode Island
NAMA Board member