The White House Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ) proposal to modify NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) is now open for comment and we must mobilize to protect our environment and public health . PLEASE COMMENT TODAY!

Falsely framed as “streamlining” the review process, the proposed revisions reinforce Trump’s denial of climate science, severely weaken the environmental review process, and have devastating impacts on public input in federal decision-making.

This proposal shows a complete disregard for science and gives industry a green light at the expense of the environment and human health.

T his rollback will have these and many other impacts:

  • Exclude climate considerations for projects such as oil and gas drilling and coal power plants

  • Reduce the number of actions subject to environmental review and reduce public input

  • Establish time limits for the environmental assessments regardless of project complexity or controversy

  • Restrict consideration of additional project alternatives that may provide better, safer solutions

  • Allow private corporations to conduct their own environmental reviews (fox in the hen house?)

  • Restrict and marginalize public comment


Don't forget to let your elected representatives know how you feel on this issue.