Two Major Privacy Bills, Four Criminal Justice Bills at Oct. 22 Hearing
We need your support at the Joint Committee on the Judiciary hearing Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 1 p.m. in hearing rooms A-1 and A-2 at the State House. Your presence at this hearing will show your concern about two major bills affecting the privacy of all and four criminal justice bills that LWVMA supports.
LWVMA is joining the ACLU to press pause on the use of facial recognition technology anywhere in the state until some rules are in place. Come show your face at this hearing on H.1538/ S.1385 to put a moratorium on the use of this technology! Massachusetts, like every other state, currently has no rules or regulations governing the use of facial recognition technology by any state agency for any reason.

Not only is this current technology seriously flawed in its ability to accurately recognize women, people of color, growing children, and the aging, it is a massive invasion of our individual liberties. While you can leave your cell phone at home to minimize being tracked, you can't leave your face at home.
The other major privacy bill to be heard is H.3422 / S.861 to require a warrant to access data not just from your phone, but also from your phone company or internet service providers in Massachusetts.
On the criminal justice side, these four bills will be considered by the Judiciary Committee at this hearing:
  • H.3457 to increase the number of parole board members and ensure that some have training in psychiatry, substance abuse, and other relevant fields.
  • H.3420/S.825 to gradually raise the age of juvenile jurisdiction to include age 18-20 and provide appropriate services. No change for serious offenses.
  • H.1541 to require release on parole unless there is evidence of danger based on a risk assessment tool.
  • H.1343/S.937 to allow judges to order a person to get treatment, but not to be sent to jail just for having a relapse as long as they are engaged in treatment.
Please come and support League specialists Carolyn Lee, good government, and Colleen Kirby, criminal justice reform, who will be testifying at this hearing on behalf of these bills.
If you can't come to the hearing, please contact your Representative and your Senator and urge them to speak with Judiciary Committee members and the leadership to press for passage of these bills.  
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