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September 19, 2018
Let Plant Vogtle Owners Know You Want a No Vote or a Cap on Rising Costs!
As early as tomorrow, September 20, or by Monday, September 24, the Board of Directors of Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG) and Oglethorpe Power Company are expected to vote on whether to continue construction of Plant Vogtle, now $12 billion over budget in construction and financing costs. They'll also be deciding whether to pass those budget-busting cost increases onto you!

Members of the GA General Assembly sent this letter to MEAG, Oglethorpe, and Georgia Power calling on their boards to establish a cost cap to protect all Georgia electric ratepayers from current and future overruns and rate increases.

Action Needed:

If you get your electricity from an electric membership cooperative (EMC), please let your EMC board know, or if you are served by your municipality, please let your city or town elected leaders knowyou want the Vogtle project stopped unless there is a cost cap.