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Action Alert: Fight for Inclusion in Jewish Newspaper Wedding Announcements
Dear ,

Recently, a local Jewish newspaper made a bold move towards inclusion by printing its first-ever same-sex marriage announcement. Unfortunately, the paper then immediately caved to pressure from minority segments of the Jewish community who claimed the announcement "caused pain and consternation." The very next week, the paper published a statement saying it would not "run such announcements in the future."

This flip-flop on inclusion is especially hurtful in light of the recent atrocities that have befallen the LGBT community, and which have rightly garnered national attention.

A "Big Tent Judaism" approach to community should encourage local Jewish newspapers to adopt more inclusive policies toward lifecycle announcements. Therefore we encourage you, the member organizations of the Big Tent Judaism Coalition, to take the following actions:

  1. Review the policies of your local Jewish newspaper regarding same-sex marriage announcements.

  2. If your paper does not run same-sex marriage announcements, email them a message like this:

    To the Editors,

    It has come to my attention that it is your policy not to print marriage or union announcements for same-sex couples in the Jewish community. As a supporter of equality for all those in our community, I find this policy upsetting. We should be working to bring our community closer together and welcome in all who would join us. I urge you to revisit your policies and take inclusive steps to ensure same-sex couples enjoy equal treatment within the pages of your publication.

Or, if your paper does run same-sex marriage announcements, email them a message like this:

To the Editors,

Thank you for your vocal and visible support of same-sex couples in our community. In light of recent events, your policy demonstrates a level of compassion that should be embraced and emulated by Jewish newspapers across North America. On behalf of all those who believe the Big Tent of the Jewish community is big enough to welcome all who approach, I would like to express my gratitude for your inclusive policies.

  1. Forward this email to everyone in your personal network who believes as we do that the Jewish community should be a place where everyone - no matter their background - feels welcome and included.

Since the paper's statement saying it wouldn't print same-sex wedding announcements in the future, there has been an amazing outpouring of support for a reversal of the policy. Thank you for adding your voice and taking a stand with us on this important issue.


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Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

Executive Director, Jewish Outreach Institute

Coordinating Partner of the Big Tent Judaism Coalition

Please forward this email to your colleagues in other organizations who have not yet joined the Coalition, so that they may SIGN UP and benefit from the campaign and the resources that will be developed during the coming months!