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Keeping Nonprofits Nonpartisan Depends on You!
Protect Nonprofit Nonpartisanship 

As Congress turns its attention to tax reform, nonprofits are once again a target of politics. 
For more than 60 years the Johnson Amendment has protected the 501(c)(3) community from the caustic partisanship that currently bedevils our country. If it were repealed or weakened (through S. 264, H.R. 781 and H.R. 172), contributions will dry up, after all, who will give to a nonprofit in the future knowing that those funds may get re-routed to a political candidate that the donor opposes?  It would divert charitable and philanthropic boardrooms from their missions and divide loyalties when one board member says, "We should endorse my best friend who is running for office," before another yells out, "No, we should endorse my business partner who is running for the same office."  It is no stretch to imagine similar arguments relating to every elected office from dogcatcher to President. Weakening or repealing the Johnson Amendment will cause pressure from community politicians for endorsements, from donors who want to pressure the local affiliate/chapter to endorse a favorite candidate, and from donors outraged by the organization's political choices. The legislation presents no-win/all-loss situations for everyone.

Action Needed NOW
The Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) and  other community nonprofits across America strongly oppose efforts to eliminate nonprofit nonpartisanship, and we need your help!

Join more than 2,300 organizations and click here to sign on to the  Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship, organized by several national groups, including the National Council of Nonprofits with whom NAM is affiliated.  

We've sent prior Action Alerts as to why this repeal would hurt nonprofits.  Here's a link to an op-ed regarding the Johnson Amendment that ran last week,   

Please take two minutes and sign on to the community letter protecting nonprofit nonpartisanship. Thank you!

Anne Hindery, CEO
Nonprofit Association of the Midlands
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