For the People, By the People

The Environmental Justice for All Act has been introduced into the House.
The Act is rooted in the moral principle that all people have the right to pure air, clean water, and an environment that enriches life.

It is informed by the belief that federal policy can and should seek to achieve environmental justice, health equity, and climate justice for all communities. Learn more HERE and contact your House representatives to ask for their support on this important legislation.
Thumbs Up!
Congratulations to Deb Haaland, who was confirmed as the first Native American Secretary of the Interior. As a strong proponent of the 30x30 effort, environmental justice priorities, and limiting oil and gas drilling on public lands, we are pleased to have her at the helm of the department that oversees a vast amount of federal public lands and see her leadership as the perfect fit for an agency that is so deeply involved in working with tribal governments.
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