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February 26, 2019
Help us pass legislation to:
1) Exempt public schools from paying Vogtle construction costs on their power bills, 
2) Stop landlords from retaliating against tenants who report unhealthy living conditions.
There are just eight legislative days left before crossover day, when bills must pass at least one chamber to stay alive for the session, and we are asking you to make two important calls this week:

School exemption for Vogtle Tariff - Vote YES!

Senate Bill 112, introduced by State Senator Lindsey Tippins (R-37), is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Regulated Industries committee this Thursday, February 28, at 3:00 pm, in Room 450 at the Capitol. This legislation would exempt public and state charter schools from paying for Plant Vogtle construction on their power bills. SB 112 is co-signed by Regulated Industries Chairman Senator Bill Cowsert (R-46) and our Consumer Champion, Senator Chuck Hufstetler (R-52). We strongly support this legislation.  Contact members of the Regulated Industries committee today to urge them to vote "YES" on SB 112 because school money should be for educating students, not building power plants!  

Increase access to healthy housing - Vote YES!

HB 346, introduced by Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-43), prohibits retaliation against tenants who complain of unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions to Code Enforcement. This bill seeks to protect families living in rental units facing mold, leaking roofs, rats, insect infestations, lead, radon and unsafe electrical and other conditions when they exercise their right to seek repairs and complain to code enforcement. HB 346 is scheduled for a hearing today, February 26, at 4:00 pm in Room 132 of the Capitol. Please contact members of the House Judiciary (Civil) Subcommittee  Members of the House Judiciary Committee, Kelley Subcommittee and urge them to vote YES on HB 346:
Rep. Todd Jones -
Rep. Jay Powell -
Rep. Bert Reeves -
Rep. Bonnie Rich -