Tell the Department of Interior to Wake Up and Make WSAs!

Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) are undeveloped federal public lands—free of roads or permanent human presence—that are set aside by the Department of Interior (DOI) through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for the protection of critical wilderness areas. WSA designation is one of our most powerful land conservation tools!

First authorized by Congress in 1976, WSAs are different from Wilderness Areas in that they have not yet been designated for permanent protection by Congress. However, the BLM manages WSAs the same as Wilderness Areas until Congress either passes legislation turning a WSA into an Wilderness Area, or ends the protection altogether.

These unspoiled areas are more important than ever as we work to build a climate-resistant future! A WSA designation comes with a number of ready-made protections for these lands—such as a prohibition against oil and gas leasing, and a ban against road construction and other development.

There are millions of acres of land across the West that qualify for WSA designation. But in the nearly two years of the Biden Administration—and despite its stated goal of protecting and conserving 30 percent of the nation’s public lands and waters by 2030 (the America the Beautiful Initiative, aka "30x30")—the DOI hasn’t designated a single new WSA!
Take Action!
Tell Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to use this powerful conservation tool to action on the White House's "30x30" initiative, and designate qualifying public land as new Wilderness Study Areas today!

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