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July 28, 2020

Dear  ,

I started to work on this newsletter early this morning, and here it is later in the evening with plenty left to do.  So this edition will be short and sweet, and mainly focused on the task at hand:  to make your voice heard as Congress debates the next round of COVID relief funding.  

This is a good opportunity for me to remind you that  Arts Wisconsin is working tirelessly to speak up for your work and provide you with the resources you need to survive and thrive in these difficult times. 

We may be physically distanced but we are creatively united.     Thanks for all you are doing to keep creative and keep moving forward.  

Anne Katz, Director
Arts Wisconsin
608 255 8316 

Advocacy and Action for the arts and creativity
Right now, the U.S. Congress and the Administration are debating the next phase of COVID relief.  This is a critical time for advocacy. We all know that cultural organizations, programs, and workers need further federal support to survive through the pandemic.     

Arts Wisconsin is telling your stories with our state's Congressional Delegation. We are also working closely with the national network of state advocacy organizations, Americans for the Arts, and field specific advocacy groups to advance our cultural legislative agenda. There are many people and organizations fighting on your behalf!

There are many critical opportunities in front of Congress and the Administration, including:
  • a second round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding
  • extension of enhanced unemployment benefits 
  • substantial funding for National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), and Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
  • federal assistance in offsetting state and local revenue shortfalls 
  • funding a robust testing and contact tracing program for the safety of audiences, participants, and employees
  • incentives for charitable donations.
While Congress is in session, please take action:
  • If your creative business (for profit or nonprofit) has not yet signed on as a supporter of the Policy Agenda, you can still sign on right here.
  • Send a message as an individual through Americans for the Arts Arts Action Fund.  If your business is signed on as a supporter, you can also sign on as an individual.
The next congressional recess begins August 10th, so we anticipate this important legislation will happen within the next two weeks. To keep our constituents informed and in the loop, Arts Wisconsin will be holding  drop-in Zoom advocacy briefings for the next two Fridays:  drop-in, zoom office hour for the next two Fridays -- July 31 and August 7th, 10-11 am.   This is your opportunity to get the latest info and learn about advocacy opportunities to make a difference.     The July 31 briefing follows the Friday at 9 am bi-monthly general listening session hosted by Arts Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Arts Board.   More info below.

Thanks for your good work -

Anne Katz, Director
Arts Wisconsin
608 255 8316 

Create the Vote Wisconsin 
The right to vote is an essential component of our democratic society.   It's election season in Wisconsin:
Downtown Eau Claire
  • Tuesday, August 11:  Legislative (State Senate and State Assembly) partisan primary 
  • Tuesday, November 3:  Presidential and Legislative general election.
Use these resources:
  • Create the Vote Wisconsin:   a nonpartisan campaign to raise awareness and support for arts, culture + creativity among voters and candidates
  • Check out to get up to the minute info on elections and voting, i
    ncluding whether you're registered to vote, the slate of candidates in your district, your voting location, and how to request an absentee ballot.  

Watch for more info on elections and candidates as election season continues.  

Listening sessions and webinars
Arts Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Arts Board host Zoom listening sessions with Wisconsin's creative sector, every other Friday at 9 am and as opportunities arise. 
We're now hosting listening sessions every other Friday - next up on Friday, July 31 - with a general session for people to update what's happening with them, share ideas and concerns, and discuss important issues.  

In addition, to keep  our constituents informed and in the loop, Arts Wisconsin will be holding  drop-in Zoom advocacy briefings for the next two Fridays --  July 31 and August 7th, 10-11 am.   This is your opportunity to get the latest info, ask questions, and learn  about advocacy opportunities to make a difference.    

To participate in all sessions:
Help Arts Wisconsin keep Wisconsin's creat ivity strong
The role and impact of creativity in our lives and our communities has never been more important, in the age of coronavirus, economic troubles, and much-needed societal change.   That's where Arts Wisconsin comes in.  Please make a tax-deduction to do this work for Wisconsin, its people, and its communities.

As a member-driven, grassroots advocacy and service organization, our supporters are indispensable to our success.  We advocate and work together for creative opportunities and creative ways to address the critical issues of our time, to benefit everyone, everywhere in the state.   

Please join us in these efforts at  Together,  we can keep Wisconsin's arts and creative economy strong.  Many thanks!

Action Alerts are an important service of Arts Wisconsin as Wisconsin's community cultural development and advocacy organization.   Please help us continue these Action Alerts and our advocacy, service, and development work help keep Wisconsin's creative economy strong now and into the future,  by making a tax-deductible contribution to Arts Wisconsin Many thanks!
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