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April 10, 2019
action alert small TAKE urgeACTION: Urge Congress to Pass Universal Background Checks
Last month, the U.S. House passed H.R. 8 -- a  bipartisan bill that would make our communities safer from the threat of gun violence by requiring universal background checks on every firearm purchased throughout the country.  Unfortunately, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to bring the bipartisan legislation to a vote in the Senate. People for the American Way invite us to tell the Senate to take up this urgent legislation. TAKE ACTION

deepeningDeepening the Church's Commitment to Nonviolence 
Last weekend, the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative organized a workshop at the Vatican on the theme, "Path of Nonviolence: Towards a Culture of Peace." Workshop participants came from around the world and included both vowed religious as well as lay people. Participants will continue their efforts with the hope for a possible encyclical that will address and promote nonviolent initiatives as a way for mediation, rights, hope, and love. MORE
iaeaIAEA Reportedly Inspects Iranian Warehouse
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recently inspected a warehouse that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the agency to visit. Netanyahu accused Iran of "storing massive amounts of equipment and material from Iran's secret nuclear weapons program," including an unspecified radioactive material. Iran has denied the existence of nuclear material at the site and has stated that the building is a carpet-cleaning facility. MORE

trumpTrump Demanded North Korea Hand Over Nuclear Weapons to the U.S.
It was recently revealed that at the Hanoi Summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in early 2019, Trump apparently handed Kim a piece of paper containing a demand that North Korea hand over all its nuclear weapons and bomb fuel to the United States. It was shortly after Kim received the document that the summit collapsed. MORE
action alert small TAKEprotect ACTION: Protect Vital Aid to Central America
President Trump recently announced that he wants to cut all foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Slashing foreign aid to Central America is the absolute last thing the Trump administration should do right now. Not only is it morally wrong, it also counters efforts to address the root causes behind migration.  Oxfam urges us to tell our legislators to protect aid to Central America and address the root causes of migration from the region.  TAKE ACTION

iceICE Arrests 280 Workers in the Largest Immigration Raid in a Decade
Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 280 employees at a technology repair company in Collin County, Texas, last week on charges of working in the United States illegally. It's the largest work site raid in the country in more than a decade, according to a Homeland Security Investigations official. It is estimated that 60 percent of the company's employees are women.  MORE
motelMotel 6 Will Pay $12 Million After Giving Their Guest Lists to ICE
Motel 6 will pay $12 million to settle a lawsuit that said several Washington state locations gave their guest lists to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Between 2015 and 2017, seven Motel 6 locations in the state shared approximately 80,000 guests' personal information with ICE without requiring a warrant. The guest lists contained private information of all guests at the hotel, violating their expectation of privacy. MORE
action alert small TAKE keepACTION: Keep Solar Growing in Iowa
Energy companies in Iowa are promoting new legislation that would allow utilities
to charge new fees on homeowners, farmers, and businesses that generate solar power. House File 669 (formerly HSB 185) will undermine net metering, a policy that allows customers with solar to be compensated for the electricity they add to the grid. Iowa Environmental Council urges us to tell Iowa legislators to say "no" to the Sunshine Tax.  
windWind Power Fight Rises Up in Texas
Texas generates more wind power than any other state. Now oil and gas and other fossil fuel interests, working with the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation, are funding an effort to stamp out state subsidies for renewable energy in Texas, according to an investigation by the Austin American-Statesman.   MORE
howHow the World's Biggest Shipping Company Plans to Cut Emissions
Shipping giant A.P. Moller-Maersk is about to conduct the shipping industry's biggest test yet of biofuel as it seeks to cut emissions and meet its target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050. The Mette Maersk is expected to set off this month on a 25,000-nautical-mile round trip from Rotterdam to Shanghai using a blend containing 20 percent biofuel produced from plant waste.  MORE
artificialArtificial Intelligence Joins the Campaign Against Sex Trafficking
Police in New York and other cities are utilizing technology to identify men soliciting women for sex. When a man texts an online ad for sex, he doesn't realize he is texting not with a woman but with a computer program, a piece of artificial intelligence that has taught itself to talk like a sex worker. The new chatbots deter far more buyers than undercover operations can - before they buy sex. MORE
ohioOhio Offers Funds to Remove Human Trafficking Marks
Ohio is offering grant money to help human trafficking victims get rid of tattoos or brands that were used to identify them as someone's property. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said trafficking survivors have enough problems recovering from slavery and trauma without "a permanent reminder" on their skin. Yost's statement said his office's Crime Victim Services division will award the $10,000 grants to local nonprofits that focus on human trafficking. MORE
action alert small TAKEtell ACTION: Tell Congress to pass the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act of 2019
Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) laws give family members, law enforcement, and sometimes other individuals like health professionals or school administrators, a pathway for petitioning courts to temporarily deny access to guns to people at risk of harm to t
hemselves or others. They are very effective in helping to protect women in domestic violence situations .  MomsRising invites us to tell Congress to pass the ERPO Act of 2019
houseHouse Passes Bill Protecting Domestic Abuse Victims
The House of Representatives approved legislation renewing the Violence Against Women Act with new provisions that restrict gun ownership and expand transgender rights.  The National Rifle Association opposed the bill - putting pressure on GOP lawmakers.  The Senate has not yet advanced its own VAWA reauthorization, which Sens. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., are working on.  MORE
farmFarmworker Women Face Sexual Harassment Across US
Some two to three million farmworkers are employed across the United States, the majority of whom are immigrants from Mexico. And according to the National Agricultural Workers Survey, women make up 32% of that workforce.  Female farmworkers often face a very real problem of sexual violence at the hands of fellow laborers, employers, and others.  MORE
UNUN Calls for Food Aid for Starving North Koreans Despite Sanctions
The head of the UN World Food Program has called for the White House and other western donors to put children's lives before politics and fund a major injection of aid to North Korea. North Korea has struggled to feed its people for more than two decades and a famine in the 1990s left as many as one million dead.  An estimated 11 million people - 40% of the population - are undernourished, with one in five children stunted due to chronic malnutrition. MORE
insteadInstead Of Throwing Away Food, This School Is Sending It Home with Students
A new pilot program at an Indiana elementary school is taking food that normally would've gone to waste and turning it into meals for students in need. On March 29, 20 students at Woodland Elementary School in Elkhart took home insulated backpacks filled with frozen meals to feed them through the weekend.  MORE

action alert small
Mark Robertson is scheduled to be executed on April 11 by the state of Texas for the murders of Edna Brau and Sean Hill. Please hold Mark, Edna, Sean, their families and the people of Texas in prayer. TAKE ACTION
Christopher Lee Price is scheduled to be executed on April 11 by the state of Alabama for the murder of Bill Lynn. Please hold Christopher, Bill, their families and the people of Alabama in prayer. TAKE ACTION
John William King is scheduled to be executed on April 24 by the state of Texas for the murder of James Byrd Jr. Please hold John, James, their families and the people of Texas in prayer. TAKE ACTION


 corporate_standsThe Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton Iowa have taken the following corporate stands:

Death Penalty

Nuclear Weapons

Immigration Reform

Human Trafficking 



Contacting your elected officials is one of the most effective ways to bring about positive change.  You can find the names and contact information of your local members of congress by entering your zip code at:

                  Here are phone numbers for elected officials for Clinton, Iowa:
Donald Trump    

(202) 456-1414

Senators - Iowa
Chuck Grassley   
Joni Ernst

(202) 224-3744
(202) 224-3254
US Representative
Clinton area District 2 
Dave Loebsack 

(202) 225-6576
Governor - Iowa
Kim Reynolds       

(515) 281-5211

   The main switchboard for Congress is: (202) 224-3121