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January 9, 2019
action alert small TAKE supportACTION: Support the Right to Boycott
Strategic boycott and divestment campaigns are one of the most effective forms of nonviolent action. Marco Rubio has introduced a bill that could help resolve conflict in Syria but also provides $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel and outlaws boycott of Israeli apartheid. CodePink urges us to tell our Senators to not to co-sponsor the Strengthening America's Security in the Middle East Act. Learn MORE then TAKE ACTION
washingtonWashington State Bans Sale of Semiautomatic Assault Rifles to Those Under 21
People under 21 are no longer able to buy semiautomatic assault rifles in Washington as of Jan 1. The National Rifle Association has already filed suit. Previously, state law barred the assault weapons' sale to those under 18. The new rules, approved by voters in a ballot initiative in November, come alongside dozens of moves by other states to strengthen gun control regulations in the absence of federal action. MORE
trumpTrump Calls the Arms Race Crazy
In a December tweet, President Trump complained about the high cost of the arms race with Russia and China, calling it "uncontrollable" and "crazy." Trump wrote, "I am certain that, at some time in the future, President Xi and I, together with President Putin of Russia, will start talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major and uncontrollable Arms Race."   MORE

actingActing U.S. Defense Secretary is 31-Year Veteran of Boeing
Patrick Shanahan, who was named acting Secretary of Defense after James Mattis resigned in December, previously worked for Boeing for 31 years before joining the Pentagon. Boeing makes billions of dollars each year from U.S. military contracts, including nuclear weapons.   After being accused of influencing a $1.2 contract to Boeing, Shanahan's spokesperson claims that Shanahan has recused himself from  any Pentagon matters dealing with Boeing.   MORE
action alert small TAKEtell ACTION: Tell Lawmakers To End The Shutdown. Don't Fund an Immoral Wall
The exploitation of a false sense of emergency at the border is taking place as our nation enters the third week of a reckless partial government shutdown that shows few signs of ending anytime soon.  Sojourners urges us to tell our senators to pass funding bills to restore the operation of government agencies, without approving Donald Trump's 2,200-mile monument to racism.   TAKE ACTION
forFor Undocumented Immigrants, Getting a Driver's License Could Spell Trouble with ICE
A lawsuit filed against ICE, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Vermont DMV alleges that the agencies illegally shared information about undocumented immigrants who received licenses, reports NPR. More than a dozen states and Washington D.C. allow undocumented immigrants to get a license, but the case is raising questions about the risks they face when doing so.  MORE
action alert small
TAKEcall_on ACTION: Call on Our Governors to Lead the Way on Cleaner Transportation
Transportation is the largest source of carbon pollution driving our climate change crisis. States have the opportunity to transform transportation by creating a cleaner, more fair, and safer transportation system. The National Resources Defense Council urges residents to call on our governors to lead the way in revolutionizing transit by cutting emissions and investing in modern, clean, and equitable transportation policies for everyone. TAKE ACTION

newNew Congress Members See Climate Solutions and Jobs in a Green New Deal
The idea that climate action must be bound up in the drive for economic justice is at least as old as the pledges nations made at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio. But young U.S. activists have supercharged that concept in the campaign for a Green New Deal, hoping to blow past political barriers that have thwarted more timid proposals of the past. MORE
carbonCarbon Emissions Up As Trump Agenda Rolls Back Climate Change Work
A new analysis shows US greenhouse gas levels are increasing as the Trump administration unravels efforts to slow climate change. Carbon emissions rose sharply last year, increasing 3.4%. That year's jump in emissions is the biggest since the bounce back from the recession in 2010. It is the second largest gain in more than two decades. MORE
cyntoiaCyntoia Brown Is Granted Clemency After 15 Years in Prison
Gov. Bill Haslam of Tennessee granted clemency this week to Cyntoia Brown, commuting her life sentence for killing a man who had picked her up for sex when she was a teenage trafficking victim. Ms. Brown, 30, will be released to supervised parole on Aug. 7, said Mr. Haslam, who will leave office later this month. She will have served 15 years in prison. MORE
forcedForced Marriage Victims in the UK Charged Rescue Fee
Young British women and girls who are sent abroad by their families for forced marriage are being charged hundreds of pounds by the UK government to secure their rescue. Victims who are 18 or older have to sign emergency loan agreements with the government, and their passports are confiscated until they repay their rescue fee. And if they can't pay the fees back in six months, the government will tack on an extra 10% to the bill. MORE
vawaVAWA Expired: What This Means, How We Got Here, and What Happens Next
The Violence Against Women Act ("VAWA") is one of the pillars of the federal government's response to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Initially passed in 1994, VAWA has been reauthorized three times, each time expanding and updating to meet the needs of victims, survivors, advocates, and other stakeholders. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence explains what needs to happen to restore this vital legislation.  MORE
millionsMillions of Women in India Join Hands to Form a 385-Mile Wall of Protest
According to government estimates published in the Indian press, somewhere between 3.5 million and 5 million women lined up on a long stretch of road that runs along the country's western coast. The "wall" stretched out 385 miles.  The demonstration was planned to create awareness of gender equality - and to protest a religious ban that prevented women of menstruating age from entering one of the country's sacred Hindu temples. MORE
nycNYC Mayor Guarantees Comprehensive Health Care for All
New York City will begin guaranteeing comprehensive health care to every single resident regardless of someone's ability to pay or immigration status, an unprecedented plan that will protect the more than half-a-million New Yorkers currently using the ER as a primary provider, Mayor Bill de Blasio said.  The mayor also declared that there will be no tax hikes to fund the new program.  MORE
houseHouse Lawmakers Introduce Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
A bipartisan group of House members has introduced a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. The Democracy for All Amendment was introduced nine years after the Supreme Court's Citizens United case which allowed corporations and unions to spend freely in federal elections. As a result of Citizens United, election spending has exploded into billion-dollar races that many feel has corrupted the democratic process. MORE
paidPaid Family and Medical Leave is Critical for Low-wage Workers and Their Families
93 percent of low-wage workers have zero access to paid family and medical leave. Most workers, especially those with low incomes, can't afford to take leave without pay. The CLASP organization explains how paid family and medical leave is critical to reducing and preventing poverty and economic insecurity for families who experience illness or have caregiving responsibilities. MORE

action alert small Scheduled 
Blaine Milam is scheduled to be executed on January 15 by the state of Texas for the murder of Amora Carson.  Please hold Blaine, Amora, their families, and the people of Texas in prayer. TAKE ACTION
Robert Jennings is scheduled to be executed on January 30 by the state of Texas for the murder of Elston Howard.  Please hold Robert, Elston, their families and the people of Texas in prayer. TAKE ACTION


 corporate_standsThe Sisters of St. Francis, Clinton Iowa have taken the following corporate stands:

Death Penalty

Nuclear Weapons

Immigration Reform

Human Trafficking 



Contacting your elected officials is one of the most effective ways to bring about positive change.  You can find the names and contact information of your local members of congress by entering your zip code at:

                  Here are phone numbers for elected officials for Clinton, Iowa:
Donald Trump    

(202) 456-1414

Senators - Iowa
Chuck Grassley   
Joni Ernst

(202) 224-3744
(202) 224-3254
US Representative
Clinton area District 2 
Dave Loebsack 

(202) 225-6576
Governor - Iowa
Kim Reynolds       

(515) 281-5211

   The main switchboard for Congress is: (202) 224-3121