June 12, 2019
Action Alert Digest
TAKE ACTION: Support of the Red Flag Bill

The Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order Act or “Red Flag bill” would temporarily suspend a person's access to guns when the evidence shows that person poses a risk of using them to harm themselves or others. States around the country are turning to Red Flag laws as a common-sense way to help reduce gun violence. Everytown for Gun Safety urges us to tell our Representatives to co-sponsor the “Red Flag” bill.  TAKE ACTION
Under Trump Arms Deal, High-Tech U.S. Bombs To Be Built In Saudi Arabia

A controversial arms deal for Arab allies approved by the Trump administration will allow U.S. hi-tech bomb parts to be manufactured in Saudi Arabia, giving Riyadh unprecedented access to a sensitive weapons technology. The Trump administration pressed ahead with the sale without congressional approval, declaring an "emergency" based on what it said was a heightened threat from Iran.    MORE
Legal Marijuana Could Send Millions of Dollars to Illinois’s Violence Prevention Groups

Last month, Illinois lawmakers approved legislation to legalize recreational marijuana. The bill earmarks a sizable share of the state’s expected profits to anti-violence efforts in underprivileged neighborhoods. Local violence prevention groups say the move could inject tens of millions of dollars into struggling community programs, greatly expanding opportunities for at-risk Chicagoans and potentially reducing gun violence.  MORE
House Panel Would Bar Low-Yield Nuke Deployment
A House Armed Services Subcommittee last week released its part of the draft defense policy bill that moves to stop the deployment of a new low-yield nuclear warhead, teeing up a partisan fight over America’s nuclear arsenal. The Trump administration proposed the low-yield warhead, a modified Trident II D5 ballistic missile, or W76-2 which was expected to be shipped to the Navy this fall.  MORE
Is Your Money Being Used to Build Nuclear Weapons?
A new report by PAX and ICAN exposes the banks and financial institutions behind the $748 billion being invested in nuclear weapons companies from the private sector. The report shows that the companies building nuclear weapons, such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin, are not only receiving billion-dollar contracts from the nuclear-armed states, they are also being funded by banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.  MORE
TAKE ACTION: Make the DREAM Act Real

The American DREAM and Promise Act is legislation that would give young people living with second-class status and at risk of deportation and family-separation the chance to become U.S. citizens. It was passed by the House of Representatives last week, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he won't allow a vote in the Senate. Roots Action invites us to tell our Senators to insist on a prompt floor vote.  TAKE ACTION
German Boat Captain Faces 20 Years in Prison for Saving Refugees

A German boat captain faces a long and costly trial in Italy for charges targeting her humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugees. Captain Pia Klemp, 35, says that her upcoming trial in Italy for years of efforts with her civilian lifeboat that saved at least 1,000 lives will take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ultimately, Klemp faces up to 20 years in prison.  MORE
Administration Cuts Education and Legal Services for Unaccompanied Minors

The Trump administration is canceling English classes, recreational activities, and legal aid for unaccompanied migrant children who are staying in federally contracted migrant shelters. The Office of Refugee Resettlement, which is charged with caring for minors who arrive at the border without a parent or legal guardian, says the large influx of migrants in recent months is straining its already threadbare budget. MORE
The Philippines Now Requires Students to Plant 10 Trees In Order To Graduate

In an effort to combat global warming, one small island nation is enlisting its students to exercise their green thumbs and leave behind a living legacy for future generations. The Philippines recently passed a new bill, the "Graduation Legacy For the Environment Act, which requires all “elementary, high school, and college students to plant at least 10 trees each as a prerequisite for graduation,” officials announced.   MORE
In These U.S. Cities, Heat Waves Will Kill Hundreds More as Temperatures Rise

America's biggest cities could avoid hundreds of deaths during future heat waves if the world reduces its greenhouse gas emissions enough to meet the Paris climate agreement goals, a new study shows. Scientists used detailed data on the deaths that occurred during past heat waves in 15 major U.S. cities, then applied climate models to show what future extreme heat waves would look like as global temperatures rise.  MORE
Midwest Rains Projected To Create Near-Record Dead Zone in Gulf

Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Louisiana State University have published forecasts predicting this spring’s record rainfall in the Midwest could produce one of the largest-ever “dead zones” in the Gulf of Mexico. An area the size of New Jersey could become almost entirely barren this summer, posing a threat to marine species — and the fishermen who depend on them.  MORE
Bail Set at $50M for Mega-Church Leader Accused of Child Rape, Sex Trafficking

The 50-year-old leader of international mega church La Luz Del Mundo, who was arrested earlier this week on charges of child rape and human trafficking, made his first appearance in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week. A judge set Naason Joaquin Garcia’s bail at a staggering $50 million. The church is alleged to have over a million followers worldwide.  MORE
How Colorado Became the First State to Abolish Slavery

When Colorado became the first state in the union to abolish slavery from its constitution last year people were shocked it hadn’t been done sooner. Many weren’t even aware that slavery was still legal. Yet, buried in the Colorado Constitution, between its declarations of freedom and the rule of law, was a clause that permitted slavery as a punishment for a crime.  MORE
New DOJ Effort to Focus on Domestic Abusers

Attorney General William Barr has announced the formation of a working group to bolster efforts by U.S. attorneys to crack down on domestic abusers who have guns. The news follows an independent investigation by “The Trace”, documenting an uptick in federal prosecutions of illegal gun possession by those convicted of domestic abuse.  MORE
Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence Are Afraid to Ask for Help

A new study finds that immigrants who are survivors of domestic abuse often don’t seek support from police or the courts due to fear of deportation.  If immigrants are too afraid to call the police or go to court because of fear of deportation, they become more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. Advocates say this undermines victim safety as well as public safety.    MORE
TAKE ACTION: Protect the Affordable Care Act

The Trump administration, a group of State Attorneys General, and the U.S. Department of Justice, led by U.S. Attorney General William Barr, are seeking to overturn the entire Affordable Care Act – jeopardizing health care for millions of Americans. MomsRising urges us to tell President Trump, Attorney General William Barr, and State Attorneys General who are plaintiffs in the case to stop their attack on the Affordable Care Act.   TAKE ACTION
How Wealthy Have Our Super Wealthy Become?

America’s wealthiest almost certainly hold substantially greater personal fortunes than most of us can fathom. According to Inequality.org, one simple reality is often overlooked:  that extravagantly wealthy people cheat on their taxes.  Regularly.  The super-rich stash vast chunks of their personal fortunes in offshore tax havens, generating billions in income that — to their governments — goes unseen and untaxed.  MORE

Marion Wilson, Jr. is scheduled to be executed on June 20 by the state of Georgia for the murder of Donovan Corey Parks. Please hold Marion, Donovan, their families, and the people of Georgia in prayer.  TAKE ACTION

Ruben Gutierrez is scheduled to be executed on July 31 by the state of Texas for the murder of Escolastica Harrison. Please hold Ruben, Escolastica, their families, and the people of Texas in prayer.  TAKE ACTION