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Support HB 1542

I am excited to report that the House Third Read HB 1542 (for final passage) today by a vote of 138-7. That is a strong vote coming out of the House. The bill now moves to the Senate were it was First Read on the Senate Floor this afternoon. We will now begin maneuvering the bill through the Senate process.   Thank you to everyone who worked with your Member of the Missouri House to help us move the bill.  We appreciate your assistance. Following is a link to today’s vote on HB 1542:

Now our work really begins.  The Senate process is complicated – especially for complex bills. But we still have four weeks left in the Session and we have a good chance of passing the bill if we can get everyone working on their Senator. We will be sending additional materials to you next week to begin the process with your Senator. In the meantime, if you see your Senator out and about in your community, please begin discussing the broad points in the bill and request their support as the bill moves through the Senate process.

Again, thank you for all that you have done so far.   We only have 35 people left in the State of Missouri that we need to persuade to support this bill – 34 Members of the Missouri Senate and one Governor.  I look forward to working with you as we move towards final passage of HB 1542.

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Ron L. Fitzwater, CAE, MBA - Chief Executive Officer at:
Phone: 573-636-7522