Uniting East and West

With a Bike, Bus and
Pedestrian Bridge 

Action Alert From Bridge Columbia
November 6, 2016
Bridge Improvement Choices are Here!

If you've used the Bridge Columbia pedestrian and bike path lately, you've seen the wonderful improvements--the wider path, the more open spaces, the gentler slopes, the lovely plantings, and the new lighting.  Next up are the improvements to the bridge itself. The county hopes to complete these by 2017, in time for the celebration of Columbia's 50th anniversary. 
The county recently presented its options for these short-term improvements which would maintain the basic current bridge with some major cosmetic changes.  They are looking for feedback on the options.  All the options include:
    • improved lighting, 
    • better security cameras, 
    • anti-graffiti coating, 
    • and identification of Columbia to those driving on Route 29.
  Which Design do YOU prefer?
Here is a direct link to the options in case they don't appear on your device.
  • Option 1a would replace only the fencing at a cost of $375,000. 
  • Option 1b would replace both the fencing and the cage at a cost of  $725,000.  The chain-link cage would be one color with a domed shape for a slightly more open feel.
  • Option 2 would replace the cage with an iconic geodesic spiral that would be more open and attractive from both the bridge and the roadway below.  It is a series of metal tubes and colored panels. Its cost is $1,225,000.
  • Option 3 would be a "space frame" of metal tubes and punched metal panels that would allow more detailed artwork, but would be totally enclosed. The cost would be $1,525,000.  
At the presentation, the overwhelming favorite was alternate 2, the geodesic tube with spiral.  

Here is a story about the options in the Baltimore Sun.

  Tell the county your choice! 
Send comments and questions through November 14 to 
Mr. David Cookson with the Office of Transportation 
at 410-313-3842 
or email  [email protected] .

A more long-term option for a bridge that would allow public transit buses is still being studied by the county as part of its Transportation Development Plan. 

Bridge Columbia
Uniting East and West
With a Bike, Bus, and Pedestrian Bridge
 Friends of Bridge Columbia is a grassroots organization that supports a new bridge across Route 29. It will be the centerpiece of a major bike, bus, and pedestrian corridor connecting Howard County Hospital to Blandair Park. Bridge Columbia will be a signature structure, reflecting Columbia's welcoming character and commitment to sustainable living. Follow Friends of Bridge Columbia on Facebook, visit bridgecolumbia.org, and email [email protected] .