Please Contact Members of
House Appropriations Committee
HB 19-1085
Grants for Property Tax Rent and
Heat to low-income older adults


ALL we are asking is that these annual rebates/grants (which must be applied for annually) be increased by a modest amount and then indexed to inflation.

We urge you to both call their offices AND send an email. When you do, state your name and whom you represent (CSL, or yourself). If you are a constituent, state that, too. If you are not sure what House district you are in, then go to this link: 

Link to the HB 19-1085 - CLICK HERE
Talking Points

I am contacting you to urge you to support full funding of HB19-1085. The purpose of this bill is help low-income seniors and the disabled to continue to provide themselves with stable housing.  

This bill will help low-income seniors and adults with disabilities with the growing costs of housing-related expenses - costs which have increased by 40% and more since 2014, particularly in the Denver metro area. 

Low-income households spend 50% or more of their income on housing, while higher income households typically pay 30% or less of their income for housing.  

Commonly known as the PTC Rebate, this program has been in operation for many years. However, it is no longer fulfilling its intended purpose - helping our lowest income seniors and disabled to have a stable home. 

  • The total dollar amount of grant applications funded has been declining for several years.  
  • While the income limits for qualifying for the PTC rebate has been indexed to inflation, the dollar amount of the rebates has been stagnant since 2014. Costs of living have been anything but stagnant. 
All we are asking is that these annual rebates/grants (which must be applied for annually) be increased by a modest amount and then indexed to inflation. 

Thank you, for your attention. I ask for your support for full funding of HB 1085.

Under current law, a low-income senior or individual with a disability is eligible for 2 types of annual state assistance related to his or her property:

  • a small grant to offset the cost of property taxes or rent paid, 
  • and a grant for heat or fuel expenses. 
Together these are commonly known as the 'PTC' Rebate and it is administered by the Department of Revenue. 
In 2016, 18,139 individuals received a rebate. 
The existing annual rebates are quite small – the maximum property tax or rent rebate is $700 and the average is $372.
This bill’s ANNUAL increases per household are modest ($75 on the low end, $208 on the high end), even though average housing costs have increased by approximately 40% in that time. 
Questions? Contact the Legislative Committee Co-Chairs

Jeanette Hensley - email
CSL Co-Chair of Legislative Committee, CSL Capitol Gang Chairperson
and CSL Board Secretary

Rich Mauro - email
Direct: 303-480-6778
CSL Co-Chair of Legislative Committee, CSL Board of Directors and Senior Policy and Legislative Analyst Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
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