Community and Labor Uniting to Support the UTLA Strike and
Call Out the Billionaires

As of today, the strike is set for
Monday, January 14th
When LAUSD teachers strike on January 14th, we are prepared to act quickly and make a large impact. Why?
Besides showing support for UTLA, the Faculty Guild believes that improved conditions in the K-12 system will benefit education for all and ultimately pave the way for students to be better prepared for success at the community college level.
Here are four things you can do to support the UTLA teachers:
1.      Call Superintendent Austin Beutner at 213-241-7000 and School Board President Monica Garcia at 213-241-6480 to insist that they spend a substantial portion of their surplus $1.9 billion to fully fund our schools.
2.      Join a picket line at an LAUSD school site before and/or after school. Wear red or an AFT1521 t-shirt.
3.      Work with the school’s union rep/chapter chair to identify logistical needs like bathrooms and other services near the schools.
4.      Post on social media that you are standing with educators and our school community: #strikeready #redfored #utlastrong