• Action Needed: Food Delivery Commissions Limit of 15%
  • Outdoor Expansion Process For Your Business
  • Managing a COVID-19 Outbreak in Your Workplace
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Action Needed: Request a Refund on Third-Party Food Delivery Fees
In support of local businesses in Santa Cruz, City Manager Martin Bernal signed an executive order in April establishing a temporary limit of 15% on commissions charged by third-party food delivery companies

The original order expired May 30th but was extended again starting July 14th. We have heard from a number of businesses that they are still continuing to be charged more than 15%, from DoorDash in particular.

If you are experiencing this impact we have heard from DoorDash that you should submit a help request through DoorDash's merchant portal to request a refund in accordance with the City of Santa Cruz's Executive Order #2020-13.

Please be sure to cite this order in your request for a refund and reach out to us if you continue to have issues. You can view the process required for requesting a refund in the original executive order here 
Outdoor Expansion Process For Your Business
If you are interested in utilizing a temporary outdoor expansion area for your business to operate outside, you must first apply for a no-cost Temporary COVID-19 Outdoor Use Permit from the Economic Development Department before you may begin operating an expanded outdoor space.

There are specific guidelines for restaurant, retail, personal care services and gyms to operate outside. If you provide sit-down food service you are required to provide restrooms for customers.

All applicants must agree to indemnify the City and provide a certificate of insurance for the expanded activity.

Program information and required documents are available here:  www.choosesantacruz.com/outdoorexpansion.

Please contact us if you need any support or have any questions.
Managing A COVID-19 Outbreak In Your Workplace

To help minimize impacts among employees and assist with investigation of COVID-19 cases, the County of Santa Cruz is providing local employers with tools to help manage coronavirus transmission. They include detailed guidance on prevention, preparation for exposures and management of workplace cases, as well as information on the rights and responsibilities of employers:

Additional resources to help manage a COVID-19 outbreak in your workplace can be found through Fortress & Flourish August 2020 Series: Preventing and Managing a COVID Outbreak

The email series will cover: 

As we are seeing an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, it is increasingly likely that you will need to manage a COVID-19 outbreak in your workplace.

If you have a positive case in your workplace, we can help support you with information, and guidance around communication and marketing. We know that this can be incredibly difficult and for some, the last thing you would want to do is share publicly, for fear of losing much needed business. That said, it is imperative that cases of COVID-19 within our Downtown businesses be shared transparently with not only staff but with the public, as this is the only way that we will be able to contain and manage the pandemic within our community.
Emergency Preparedness Plans

Now is the time to prepare for emergencies! The Santa Cruz Volunteer Center has free programs in English and Spanish for families, seniors, and everyday Californians to get ready.

With many of us still sheltering in place, NOW is the right time to create or update our emergency/disaster preparedness plans. Fire season is also here and we can all help build a more resilient Santa Cruz County by preparing now.

Text LISTOSCA to 72345 to receive easy plans via text: 7 days of texts, a text class, which will help you get prepared.

They are asking for help to get the word out via newsletter, website, social media or elsewhere for your customers, friends, and family.

For more information, email events@scvolunteercenter.org or call at 831-427-5070.
Thank You To Marina Toft

We would like to acknowledge Marina Toft, our Marketing & Events Coordinator, as she moves on from our Organization to focus on her future path and writing.

Marina came to the Downtown Association last year as a recent graduate from NYU with a Masters degree in musical theater writing, and brought a diverse background in events, marketing, design, and social media.

Marina loves pantone colors, Instagram, and was a joyful part of the Downtown Santa Cruz community.

A big thank you to Marina for her contributions to Downtown Santa Cruz!

Downtown Ambassadors + Information Kiosk Hours
Ambassadors and Info Kiosk
Current Downtown Ambassador program hours:
Call or text 831-430-6311
  • Wednesday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Current Information Kiosk program hours:
Call 831-332-7422
  • Wednesday 3pm-7pm
  • Thursday 1pm-5pm
  • Friday 3pm-7pm
  • Saturday 1pm-5pm
  • Sunday 1pm-5pm
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