Federal Advocacy Update: June 19, 2018
House to Vote (again) on Farm Bill this Week: Join the National Call-in Day 6/20 to Protect SNAP/CalFresh!

Thanks to our collective efforts, the House Farm Bill (HR 2) was defeated on the House Floor May. But the fight to protect SNAP/CalFresh from devastating cuts is not over. House leadership is scheduling second vote on HR 2 THIS WEEK.

Join the National SNAP Call-in Day  tomorrow, June 20 and tell your Representative to "Vote No on HR 2."  This may be the last chance to make your voice heard on the House Farm Bill-- help us deliver the message that taking away vital food assistance from more than 2 million people is unacceptable and immoral. 

It's easy and only takes a few minutes to make a difference.  Please also share this email with your networks and ask them to encourage people to call.

On Wednesday, June 20: Call 1-888-398-8702  and enter your zip code to be connected to your Representative. Urge him/her to "Vote No" on H.R. 2. This toll-free number is courtesy of Feeding America.

Senate Farm Bill Update:  Stay tuned. We will know more on Senate farm bill action later this week. If the bill moves to the Senate floor next week there will be calls to action.

Below is a script you can use when calling your Representative tomorrow.  Please also share any personal stories you have about how SNAP/CalFresh helped you or someone you know. 

Tell the staff member you are connected with:

"Representative [Your Rep's Name] should Vote No on HR 2 (the Farm Bill) that cuts SNAP/CalFresh for working families, seniors, and people with disabilities. Cuts and harmful changes that take away struggling people's food have no place in the Farm Bill. [I/We] urge Congress to focus on policies that help create jobs and boost wages, rather than punishing people who are already facing economic hardship. HR 2 would weaken the best anti-hunger program we have: SNAP/CalFresh, which helps 1 in 10 Californians afford groceries."

It is especially important to contact the following Representatives if you live in their district.  Even if they voted yes on HR 2 last time, t hey may still have concerns about the bill, or be undecided. Their previous vote is included next to their name and district. You can see how all of the members voted on HR 2 here.

David Valadao (District 21) (Did not vote)
DC Office: (202) 225-4695
Hanford Office: (559) 582-5526
Bakersfield Office: (661) 864-7736
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Paul Cook (District 8) (Voted Yes)
DC office (202) 225-5861
Apple Valley district office (760) 247-1815
Yucaipa district office (909) 797-4900
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Jeff Denham (District 10) (Voted Yes)
DC office (202) 225-4540
Modesto district office (209) 579-5458
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Steve Knight (District 25) (Voted Yes)
DC office (202) 225-1956
Antelope Valley district office (661) 441-0320
Santa Clarita Valley district office (661) 255-5630
Simi Valley district office (805) 581-7130
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Ed Royce (District 39) (Voted Yes)
DC Office (202) 225-4111
Brea District Office (714) 255-0101
Los Angeles County District Office (626) 964-5123
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Ken Calvert (District 42) (Voted Yes)
DC Office  (202) 225-1986
Corona District Office (951) 277-0042
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Dana Rohrabacher (District 48) (Voted No)
DC Office:  (202) 225-2415
Huntington Beach Office:  (714) 960-6483
Congressional district fact sheet.  link

Darrel Issa (District 49) (Voted No)
DC office (202) 225-3906
Vista district office (760) 599.5000
Dana Point district office (949) 281-2449
Congressional district fact sheet.  link
Get Loud on Social Media! Tell Congress, "No Cuts to SNAP!"

Here are sample tweets to show your support for SNAP and opposition to HR 2. Don't forget to tag your member of Congress. You can find your member's twitter handle here.

House Farm Bill Resources
Our Children are Sacred Too. But Our Policies Let Them Down

Communities in the San Joaquin Valley rally for the health and wellbeing of their children while some policymakers in Washington D.C. threaten to cut access to food through the Farm Bill. This photo essay, by Rucha Chitnis, gives faces and voices to the communities who would be harmed by the House Farm Bill's cuts to SNAP.  Read more and take action here...

HR 2 Will Take Food Off of Tables, Won't Lead to Better Jobs 

The House Farm Bill would impose new counterproductive and punitive rules on millions of low-income households that rely on CalFresh to help put food on the table. If enacted, the bill would cut off vital food assistance for people age 18 to 59--including parents with children over age 6--if they can't prove every month that they are meeting harsh, unworkable requirements. Read more here... 

Read CFPA's fact sheet on the House Farm Bill's "Unworkable Requirements." PDF

Farm Bill Categorical Eligibility Fact Sheet

The House Farm Bill (HR 2) threatens access to food for many California working families, children, and seniors by ending "Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility." Learn more about Categorical Eligibility and how Californians would be impacted if HR 2 were enacted as written. PDF
Farm Bill "Heat and Eat" Fact Sheet

The House Farm Bill (HR 2) would would cut SNAP/CalFresh for many low-income households with out-of-pocket utility expenses like heating and electricity. Learn more about "Heat and Eat" and how Californians would lose food assistance if it were ended.  PDF
Farm Bill Congressional District Fact Sheets

The House Farm Bill (HR 2) would cut SNAP/CalFresh and make it harder for eligible households to enroll and stay connected to food assistance. Learn how CalFresh helps fight hunger and poverty in every California Congressional District. PDF
Contact: Jared Call at 213.482.8200 ext 201 or Melissa Cannon at 510.433.1122 ext 102