Action Needed: Power4Schools Electricity Supplier Disclosure

Dear Power4Schools Member:
As you know, Power4School (P4S) has offered a pooled electricity purchasing program for many years. Over the term of the current agreement, this program has saved our participating districts tens of millions of dollars. 

To continue to provide your district with the best possible service and price, P4S is actively working to secure an electric supplier to service our districts beyond the current contract, which remains in effect through December 2019. You may recall from a prior email that P4S issued an RFP and has started conversations with various potential suppliers. In order to continue advancing those conversations, we need your help.

We are requesting your authorization to allow P4S to disclose your district’s customer information from the Electric Utility to our potential suppliers.
 This information, which P4S already has in its possession , may include your Customer account number, electrical load and usage history, meter reading data, rate classification, address and telephone number. Providing this information will tighten the supplier’s pricing offers and allow P4S to take the next step towards offering a supplier recommendation to your District.

Please email a statement confirming your authorization to either Barb DelRoso at the Ohio Schools Council ( ) or Melissa Webne at Palmer Energy ( ) by Friday, Aug. 10.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Ohio Schools Council | 6393 Oak Tree Blvd. | Independence, Ohio 44131 |