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December / 2015
Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) launched  “Building America: The Merit Shop Scorecard” which reviews and ranks state-specific information significant to the success of the commercial and industrial construction industry. The scorecard website,, identifies states that have created an environment where merit-shop contractors are well positioned to succeed and states where strategic improvements need to be made in order to achieve that.
The  Merit Shop Scorecard will be a useful tool for lawmakers and industry stakeholders to explain how state policies affect the ability of contractors to conduct business and expand their operations. The scorecard highlights high-performing states that have enacted policies opposing anti-competitive schemes and restrictive, cost-inflating mandates while embracing fairness in the workplace. It also identifies low-performing states that have failed to foster environments where businesses can thrive, invest and create construction jobs in local communities.
The Merit Shop Scorecard grades the 50 states and the District of Columbia (DC) on 
  • Project Labor Agreement (PLA)
  • Prevailing Wage 
  • Right-to-Work Policies 
  • Construction Job Growth Rate
  • Commitment to developing a well-trained workforce
  • Level of flexibility in career and technical education curricula
  • Use of public-private partnerships (P3s). 
NH ranked 27th and VT ranked 40th for overall construction business climate.
  • Project Labor Agreements (PLAs):  NH Grade: C / VT Grade: C
  • Prevailing Wage -  NH Grade: A / VT Grade: F
  • Right to Work - NH Grade: F / VT Grade: F
  • Job Growth Rate - NH Grade: D / VT Grade: D
  • Workforce Development - NH Grade: D / VT Grade: D
  • Career and Technical Education - NH Grade: D / VT Grade: B
  • Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) - NH Grade: D / VT Grade: D
ABC champions the merit shop philosophy that people and companies succeed based on free enterprise principles within the free market system, which is characterized by open and fair competition and diverse participants. Those who adhere to the philosophy believe employees and employers have the right to determine wages and working conditions through either individual or collective bargaining, as they choose, within the boundaries of the law. They oppose violence, coercion, intimidation and the denial of the rights of employees and employers.

Furthermore, they believe it is incumbent upon all branches of government to be responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars and that government should award contracts based solely on merit to the lowest responsible bidder, regardless of labor affiliation.
Criteria and definitions are available on The scorecard will be updated with exclusive state construction unemployment rate estimates from economist Bernard Markstein, Ph.D.   
LEGISLATION INTRODUCED TO ENACT “PREVAILING WAGE” LAW FOR STATE FUNDED PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS IN NH - Your participation in the ABC Annual Wage and Benefit Survey is more important than ever!
The NH/VT ABC Chapter is now collecting data for its annual Wage & Benefit Survey. This anonymous survey is the only one of its kind available in our area. The survey data is extremely important to provide factual data to counter the anecdotal references made by union representatives and others supporting prevailing wage laws.  The survey results will be used in the legislative arena and other public policy decision making forums to provide documented evidence of the current wage and benefit practices of merit shop contractors.
The survey can be completed on line this year; it is very user friendly and a quick easy process!  CLICK HERE and please help ABC help you by participating. If you are not the correct company contact to complete the survey, please forward the survey to the correct contact. 

The survey data is also extremely important to members’ efforts to understand current wage and benefit practices and to maintain competitive practices to attract and retain quality employees.  PLEASE,  if you have not already, complete the survey. Members will be notified when the completed data and survey results are available. 
Unemployment in the construction industry is declining and The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that we will need 1.6 million new construction workers by 2022 due to growth in the industry combined with an aging workforce.  Already more than four in five ABC members say they are facing a shortage of skilled labor. In addition, the need to establish and maintain relationships with industry peers for project support and to stay current with industry trends to support business success is more important than ever.
ABC is your resource to address the worker shortage and to maintain and improve your industry relationships. Your ABC membership connects you with a host of reputable companies, locally and nationally to work with to get the job done well.  We define our success by our members and we strive to approve of new members who are qualified, skilled and professional organizations.
The stronger our chapter, the more valuable we are to you as a resource to help you complete the projects as the industry continues to grow.
At the beginning of 2015 the Board set a goal to aggressively work to be the most valuable resource we can be for our members. ABC is proud of our continued growth as a resource for members during 2015, including the addition of 21 new members to date...  CLICK HERE  to see a list of the new ABC members, if you know them, contact them, welcome them and thank them for their decision to support ABC!

As we approach the end of 2015 and plan for 2016, please help us help you.  Mention ABC to industry professionals you may be contacting who are not currently members. Encourage them to consider investment in ABC membership.  CLICK HERE to email Mike Rennie or call him directly 603-226-4789 to provide your insight on the prospect company(s). 

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We thank you in advance for your unwavering support of the Merit Shop industry.

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Catch up with industry peers. Also, come thank out-going Board Chair, Kelly Gagliuso of Gagliuso PA & Gagliuso PA and welcome our incoming Board Chair, Mark Hodsdon, President of Palmer and Sicard,Inc. and the 2016 ABC NH/VT Board of Directors. 

This is also your opportunity to show your appreciation for the time and effort of our Officers, Directors and all our chapter leaders.

Thursday, January 28th
LaBelle Winery, Amherst NH

Reception: 5:30 PM 
Board Recognition: 7:30 PM
Cost: $60 / per person

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2016 HOLIDAY EVENT - featuring Casino Night and Texas Hold 'Em Tournament
Thanks to everyone who came to make our Casino night a great success. Also, thanks again to all of our sponsors of the evening. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Check out some of the pictures from the event.  CLICK HERE to view more photos of Casino Night and other past ABC events from this year.
12/09 & 12/17
OSHA 10 Hr -  Concord
8:00am - 1:00pm
Jay Fitzpatrick, Worksafe New England
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12/22 & 12/29
Fundamentals of Crew Leadership
8:00am - 4:30pm
Dan Stover, ABC
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Crane Signal
8:00am - 1:00pm
Dave Webb, American Steel and Precast Erectors
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Wellness 2 for 1
9:00am - 11:00am
Carol Phillips, National Health and Wellness Expert