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March / 2016
NH Legislation Proposed to Apply Federal Prevailing Wage and Benefit Regulations to State Funded Construction Projects Defeated!

Among the legislation ABC has fought this session is NH HB1641, which would have required federally determined wage and benefits and all the related administrative burdens on state funded construction projects. We strongly opposed the return of the "Mini Davis Bacon" Act in this state, which was repealed in 1984.  On February 11th the House voted to kill the bill by a vote of 181–138. ABC is obviously pleased with the legislators’ decision and the responsible consideration of the facts and impact the regulation would have on state funded projects, the contractors performing them and all NH taxpayers. 

The bill, as introduced, stated: "The minimum prevailing hourly rate of wages and benefits for any class of workers employed on a public works construction project subject to this chapter shall be the rate set forth by the most recent wage determination issued by the United States Department of Labor for the corresponding class of workers, for the New Hampshire county in which such public works construction project shall take place, as made available by the United States Department of Labor on the department's website or wherever the United States Department of Labor may make available such wage determination."   

Please Note:  It's Still Important to Influence Prevailing Wage & Benefits for Federally Funded Projects.  

Reminder, the US Department of Labor is conducting a survey of Building and Heavy Construction projects active and on-going between 4/1/14 and 3/31/15 in the state of New Hampshire.  Any project with a value of $2000 or more, public or private, is included. The date for data to be submitted has been extended to 3/18/16 (original due date was 2/5/16).

The electronic form is available at  Hard copies may be obtained by contacting ABC. Please, if you would like assistance completing the forms contact ABC. Your Survey Information is Important and makes a Difference!

ABC Northern Region Event to Feature ABC 'Workforce Development' Initiatives - April 14, Woodstock Inn & Brewery, North Woodstock NH

It is abundantly clear that the lack of an available workforce is and will continue to impact the construction industry and contractors’ ability to perform and grow. Available, skilled craft professionals have diminished over time. Historically, expert craft professionals – through on-the-job interaction and mentoring – handed down many skills utilized by the next generation. Over the last 30 years, as fewer individuals have followed relatives into the industry, this practice has progressively diminished and, conversely, the need for formal classroom and laboratory training has increased. The retirement of employees from the Traditionalist and Baby Boomer generations has made replacing them solely through on-the-job experience impossible. 

Also, with competition increasing among contractors to recruit from a limited pool of skilled craft professionals, progressive contractors are finding ways to elevate productivity within their existing workforce. 

The ABC leadership has discussed and prioritized workforce development as a focus for ABC to develop initiatives and a sustainable plan to provide for the future workforce issues facing our industry. Contractors must be willing to commit to and invest in craft workforce development, to include high-quality CTE programs and industry-recognized training programs. In addition, stakeholders must make efforts to improve the public image of the industry and educate potential entrants about the availability of well-paying careers in construction. Recruitment programs must include image enhancement and outreach to students who either have not considered or been provided with the right information to consider construction as a viable career path. The April 14 Northern region event will include a presentation on ABC Workforce Development status, feedback needed from industry professionals and goals for sustained plan.

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ABC National Economist to Provide Forecast for Region's Commercial / Industrial Construction Activity at May 24th "ECONOMIC SUMMIT"

ABC has scheduled an “Economic Summit” for Tuesday, May 24, 8:30-11AM, at the Grappone Conference Center, Concord NH. ABC National Economist, Anirban Basu will provide a forecast nationally as well as specific to our area, and provide information on factors that impact the construction industry economy. Also, Carmen Lorentz, the NH Director of Economic Development, will provide an overview, awareness and importance of the state strategic plan for economic growth and efforts to create a sustained economic development program. Mark your calendar and plan to attend this valuable event to receive information on the forecast for our region’s commercial / industrial construction activity and opportunities for your company to support sustained economic growth in our region.

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Excellence In Construction Awards

You definitely Want to Attend this Workshop & Informational Session!
  • Do you need help completing your Project Excellence Entry?
  • Does it seem too overwhelming to think about right now?
  • Wondering if you even have a project to highlight?
  • What value can you get from sponsoring this event?
You're not alone with these and other questions!

The Excellence in Construction Awards showcases the talents and capabilities of our Contractor Members before the  public and the construction community. 

Supplier and Associate members who sponsor this event will be publicly recognized  as companies which support this  prestigious awards competition and the  commitment to quality, safety, craftsmanship  and creativity demonstrated in the award  winning projects.


Features of the workshop / information session include:
  • Tips on completing the Project Excellence Application
  • View Samples of past Award-Winning Projects
  • Benefits of Event Sponsorship (create your own commercial for future company promotion)
  • Testimonials from previous winners & sponsors

Date: Tuesday, March 15th

Time: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM 
Location: ABC Training Center, Concord, NH


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Upcoming Education Opportunities
March 9 and 16
7:30 am - 1:00 pm
Portsmouth, NH 
Jay Fitzpatrick, Worksafe New England

March 15
Excellence in Construction Workshop
8:30 am - 10:00 am
Concord, NH
Panel Discussion

March 22 & 29   
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Williston, VT (area)
Dan Stover, ABC NH/VT

March 23 
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
Concord, NH
Dennis Richardson, W. D. Matthews Machinery

March 31  -  Crane Signal Person Qualification Training
April 5 & 12  -  Project Management Primer
April 7 & 8  -  Construction Drawings

Continuing Education Units for electricians now available :
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Wed March 16  -  A Construction Executive featured Webinar -  Navigating Your Journey to Learn

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