SB 011 eliminates FASTER transit funding.  Please call your legislator today! 
Dear Friend of Transit,

Senate Bill 2016-011 proposes to eliminate the transit portion of Colorado's  FASTER funding.  As you know, this small but critical funding stream has helped Colorado transit make essential connections between regions, provided much-needed capital for replacing older buses, and provided match to leverage federal dollars. 

We are asking you to please call or email your state representative and senator (you can find their contact information here: Find your legislator.) and request that they OPPOSE this bill. 

And, if you have the time and inclination, a call to the bill sponsors would also be very helpful.  They are: 

Patrick Neville
State Representative - District 45 (Douglas County)
Phone: 303-866-2948

Tim Neville
State Senator - District 16 (Boulder, Denver, Gilpin, and Jefferson Counties)
Phone: 303-866-4873

Talking points: 

- FASTER transit funding provides a small but critical piece of the transit capital funding program in Colorado.  It is the only state money that goes into transit, and Colorado transit agencies have used the funding to leverage federal dollars and provide transportation options to Colorado's citizens and visitors.

- Transit in Colorado provides more than 120 million trips a year to increase transportation options fro employment, education, medical services, shopping, entertainment and social. 

- While we certainly appreciate the need for increased funding for our crumbling highway infrastructure, CASTA and all the supporters of a robust and effective transportation system continue to seek for ways to increase transportation funding overall, instead of taking from each others' funding sources. 

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes at this critical juncture to support mobility and access for our communities across Colorado. 

Elena Wilken
Executive Director
Colorado Association of Transit Agencies
110 16th Street #604, Denver, CO 80236
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