SB 1487 (Stern) - Iconic African Species Protection Act - Will be heard and voted on Tuesday, 6/26 in the Assembly Water, Parks & Wildlife Committee. Please call these members and ask them to vote "Yes" for SB 1487 on Tuesday.

If you are limited for time, please call the Chair and Vice Chair at a minimum.

Read LA Times Editorial piece on SB 1487 - just out today!

Assembly Water, Parks, & Wildlife Committee, Tuesday, June 26 starts at 9am Room 444 (call and come to the hearing):
Edward Garcia (D), Chair 916-319-2056
​James Gallagher (R), Vice Chair 916-319-2003
Frank Bigelow (R) 916-319-2005
Wendy Carillo (D) 916-319-2051
Steven Choi (R) 916-319-2068
Kansen Chu (D) 916-319-2025
Laura Friedman (D) 916-319-2043
Todd Gloria (D) 916-319-2078
Matthew Harper (R) 916-319-2074
Ash Kalra (D) 916-319-2027
Marc Levine (D) 916-319-2010
Devon Mathis (R) 916-319-2026
Blanca Rubio (D) 916-319-2048
Rudy Salas (D) 916-319-2032
Jim Wood (D) 916-319-2002
Big thanks to John Salley for coming to the Capitol to support SB 1249! (John Salley, Assemblymember Ash Kalra, Katie Cleary, Elizabeth Baker, Kristie Sullivan, Simone Reyes, Judie Mancuso, Caity Maple, David Quintana, Adam Keigwin, Ryan Guillen)

SB 1249 w ill be heard and voted on Tuesday, 6/26 in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. P lease help us make history by calling each member of the committee urging their support for this lifesaving bill.  

When you call, please tell them Californians do not want their cosmetic products tested on animals no matter where in the world the testing takes place! And tell them to vote "Yes" on SB 1249 on Tuesday!

If you are limited for time, please call the Chair and Vice Chair at a minimum.
Assembly Judiciary Committee, Tuesday, 6/26 starts at 9am, Room 437 (call and come to the hearing):
Mark Stone (D), Chair 916-319-2029
​Jordan Cunningham (R), Vice Chair 916-319-2035
Ed Chau (D) 916-319-2049
David Chiu (D) 916-319-2017
Chris Holden (D) 916-319-2041
Ash Kalra (D) 916-319-2027
Kevin Kiley (R) 916-319-2006
Brian Maienschein (R) 916-319-2077
Eloise Gomez Reyes (D) 916-319-2047
John Salley, Judie Mancuso, Assemblymember Brian Maienschein
Katie Cleary, Kristie Sullivan, John Salley, Assemblymember Tim Grayson, Dr. Michael Klaper, Judie Mancuso, Simone Reyes, Elizabeth Baker
John Salley, Assemblymember Tony Thurmond, Caity Maple, Michael Lucien, Dr. Michael Klaper, Adam Keigwin, Simone Reyes, Judie Mancuso, Katie Cleary, Kristie Sullivan, Elizabeth Baker, Holly Fraumeni, Sosan Madanat


The bill passed the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee on 6/18/18 with a 9-0 vote:

Ayes – Allen, Dodd, Fuller, Galgiani, Glazer, Herenandez, Hill, Pan, Wilk.
Noes – None
No Vote Recorded - None

AB 2445 now moves on to Senate Appropriations Committee.

SB 1138 (Skinner) - Plant Based Meal Options passed Assembly Health Committee on 6/19/2018 with a unanimous vote of 15 - 0 :

Ayes - Aguiar-Curry, Bigelow, Bonta, Burke, Carrillo, Flora, Limon, Mayes, McCarty, Nazarian, Rodriguez, Santiago, Thurmond, Waldron, Wood
Noes - None
No Votes Recorded - None

SB 1138 now goes to the Assembly Public Safety Committee on 6/26 where we hope to have another unanimous vote.

AB 2474 passed the Senate Environmental Quality Committee with bipartisan support today... final vote not in.

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