Wednesday, August 7, 2019
Action needed: Support HB 2001 restoring the Vetoes
Restoring the vetoes & funding the PFD

The legislature passed HB 2001 restoring funding for about 80% of budget items Governor Dunleavy vetoed . This bill seeks to find compromise with the Governor by accepting $94 million in cuts to the operating budget while restoring the majority of the University funding, homeless and domestic violence programs, Alaska State Council on the Arts, pre-K programs, and more.

It also funds a $1,600 PFD which is about on par with the historic average PDF. Adjusted for inflation the average PFD has been about $1,650.

I don't love it this bill. These cuts will have real consequences: ISER found that each $100 million in state government spending cuts results in about 1,200 Alaskan jobs lost. Those are split between government and private sector jobs. Since our earlier budget cut about $190 million which will result in about 2,300 Alaskans losing their jobs, another $94 million in cuts will bring the total Alaska jobs lost to about 3,380 this year . Those are real jobs with real impacts.

But that's how compromise works. It's time to make some compromises and to get on with the business of Alaska.
Write Governor Dunleavy

If you support HB 2001 which restores 80% of the vetoed items including the majority of UA funding, Senior Benefits, Pre-K, VPSO, the court system, and the Department of Law, along with a $1,600 PFD, please let the Governor's Office know.

Ask Governor Dunleavy to sign into law HB 2001 as is. You can call the Governor's Office at (907) 465-3500 or send an email via the web:

Post Special Session Coffee
The second special session ended last night at midnight. Join me for coffee and conversation this Saturday, August 10th, 10:00 am to 11:00 am at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church to talk about next steps.

We will bring the coffee, you bring the questions. If you can, bring a shelf-stable food item for the church's food pantry.

Thanks so much for standing strong for Alaska!
Phone Number: (907) 269-0123