January 8, 2016
Action needed for
Assembly Bill A4197

Preservation New Jersey needs you to act now!
In November 2014, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment to the State Constitution to direct funds from the Corporate Business Tax to save open space, farmland and historic resources.

Now implementing language needs to be passed to allocate these funds and ensure they are invested in preservation and stewardship efforts throughout the state. The Preserve New Jersey Act, A4197, represents a thoughtful approach to apportioning these funds and is an identical bill to S2769, which was recently approved by the Senate with unanimous bi-partison support. A4197 must be voted on before the legislative session ends this Monday, January 11th, or the bill will have to be reintroduced in the next session.  

Please click here to email your Legislators to ask them to support A4197, and to ask the Speaker to put the bill up for a full vote on Monday the 11th.  
Contact Preservation New Jersey for more information at: 609-392-6409 or info@preservationnj.org