May 25, 2022
Act on Gun Violence Prevention Bills
Even one death is too many. Make your voice heard on critical gun violence prevention legislation in the Commonwealth

Please contact the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security members, email addresses listed below, using this template or by drafting your own. Here is a sample you can personalize:

Subject line: Support for Gun Violence Prevention bills

Dear Chair Timilty, Chair Gonzalez, and Members of the Joint Committee on Public Safety:

As a League of Women Voters member, I strongly support the following bills:
H.2491/S.1540 An Act Relative to 3D Printed Weapons and Ghost Guns; Read our testimony.
H.2519/S.1552 An Act to Create Alternatives for Community Emergency Services (ACES); Read our testimony.

The League of Women Voters of Massachusetts reasserts our demand for common sense gun safety legislation to allow all people to live safely and with confidence in their personal and community security. Curbing gun violence is a critical matter of public safety, public health, and public confidence.

(Add personalized information as to why this matters to you.)

Please take action to report these bills quickly and favorably out of committee. 

Thank you.

[your full name]
[your phone number (optional)]
[complete address – street, city, state, zip] 

Be sure to copy your own state rep and senator and include your complete mailing address. Not sure of who your legislators are? Find them at:

Questions about our bills? Learn more details about these bills via our Meet the Specialists event. See the slides from the event here.
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