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The News from Good Sam                                                January 11, 2017

Goonar is such a little smooshy!
The Good Sam Welcome Back Special - We understand how difficult it can be to keep up with all of the demands on your time and how quickly that time seems to fly by. Start the New Year out right by catching your pet(s) up on their wellness exams! We are offering one free exam per household for one existing patient who hasn't been seen in over 18 months (prior to June 2015).
This offer expires on February 28th, 2017.
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We will be open on January 16th, Martin Luther King Day.

While it doesn't snow here in the Bay Area, we know that many of our clients will include their pets in trips to the snow this winter. Here a few safety tips to keep in mind:
  • If you're taking your pets out into the snow, be sure that they are on leash and in sight at all times. Snow inhibits their sense of smell, and they can easily become lost.
  • If your pets go out into the snow, be sure to wipe off their feet and bellies when they come back in. Also check their feet for injuries caused by walking on ice or snow-packed surfaces.
  • If your dog participates in outdoor winter activities, you may need to increase his/her calories and protein intake.


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A Year of Wellness - Part Two
In last week's newsletter we talked about what you can do on a daily basis to help promote good health for your beloved furry family members. This week we're focusing on weekly, monthly, and annual tasks.  
Do this weekly:
  • Brush your pet's teeth, We encourage our clients to brush their pets' teeth as often as possible. Why? Because they can't do it for themselves! Diseased or infected teeth and gums are not only a pain in the mouth, but they can also lead to serious systemic illnesses such as kidney or liver disease. It's true that this task can seem daunting, but starting slow and keeping positive will go a long way. Be sure to check out Chris and Robbie in our demonstration video! Regular professional dental cleanings are also recommended every 2-3 years, and sometimes more frequently, depending on your pet.
  • Groom your pet. Regular grooming keeps owners aware of possible skin disorders, infections, and growths. Not to mention that regular grooming results in less shedding and a cleaner house! Even though cats groom themselves, regular brushing will reduce shedding, matting, and hairballs. Also, older or overweight cats often have a difficult time reaching all areas.
Do this monthly:
  • Prevent parasites. Regular treatments of flea medications and, for dogs, heartworm preventatives should be given year round. Fleas and heartworm bearing mosquitoes never really go dormant here in the Bay Area, so it's important to protect your pets year-round. We also recommend bringing in a yearly fecal sample to screen for intestinal parasites such as giardia or roundworms.
Do this every 6-12 months:
  • Wellness exams. We cannot stress enough how critical this is to your pets' well-being. Our furry kids cannot tell us when something is bothering them, and in our busy lives we often miss the subtle signs of illness. Regular check-ups help us to catch health issues well before the situation is critical and to work with our clients to manage any problems that may come up. In short, regular appointments allow us to ensure that the wellness care you're so diligently providing is doing its job - helping your pet live a long and healthy life.

Why Does My Dog...?

 Why does my dog dig?
Digging is what dog paws are designed for and mother nature devised a simple scheme to guarantee that dogs would be great at this behavior: Make them love it! Digging is fun and your dog really has a hard time understanding why you're so steamed that she just tore up that new row of annuals. Here are the most common reasons a dog will dig:
  • It relieves boredom (and sometimes stress). If you had at least two able paws, lots of energy, and time to kill, wouldn't you dig too?
  • It's how a dog makes a den. Some dogs will instinctually want to make a warm & safe hidey hole to hunker down in.
  • It's a way to get to prey. Got voles or moles in your yard? Combine that with a terrier breed and you may end up with a yard that resembles Swiss cheese.
  • It's a way to get under and out. A dog looking to catch prey, find a mate, fill a belly, or simply enjoy a night on the town will sometimes dig an escape route.
So, what do you do if you have a digger?  Here are some suggestions:
  • A tired dog is a well behaved dog. Make sure she gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Play games, teach her tricks, enroll in an agility class. Make sure she has plenty of interesting, puzzle, or busy-box style of toys to keep her busy and engaged when you aren't with her.
  • Search the yard for signs of burrowing animals and talk to a pest control company about non-toxic ways to eliminate the little darlings.
  • Provide your dog with protection from the elements. Bring him into the house if we are having extreme weather. Make sure that he has shelter from sun, wind, and rain. Provide plenty of fresh water in a bowl that can't be tipped.
  • Spay and neuter your dogs. Remove the temptation to leave home looking for a mate.
  • Do some yard renovations. Bury chicken wire at the base of the fence, place large rocks partially buried over preferred digging spots.
  • If you have a persistent digger, you may need to provide a digging zone and train her to use only that area for digging. Cover the digging zone with loose soil or sand, or use a child-size sandbox. Bury fun toys in the digging zone for her to discover.


Good Sam Welcome
 Back Special!

Start the New Year out right by catching your pet(s) up on their wellness exams. We are offering one free exam per household for one existing patient who hasn't been seen in over 18 months (prior to June 2015). This offer expires on February 28th, 2017. Call today to book an appointment.  (510) 357-8574

Offer Expires: February 28, 2017