Octave 1.8 Crown Chakra  
The Crown Chakra is the thousand-petaled lotus that holds all of the past and future of the developing human being in a world outside of time and space. The archetypes of the future lie hidden in the petals and it is the passing of time that reveals them one by one.  

Each petal is another step on the path of spiritual development. It is through the pineal gland that the final step of earthly development is taken and the spiritual world is reached through the limitations of a human body.  

The Crown Chakra is centered in the pineal gland* where the crystals of material sense perception are deposited once they have arisen through ionization in the heart, throat and brow. Carbon, nitrogen and oxygen have been ionized through conscious moral development and now can transform hydrogen into an element that can aid in the development of a higher form of consciousness called Intuition.  

Alignment with the chakras below is necessary for the central channels to bring all of the transformed substances to bear on the pineal gland. When hydrogen, a very light gas, is ionized it becomes the transformative agency to complete the transformation of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen into calcium carbonate.  When calcium carbonate is deposited in the pineal gland, this crystal creates the potential for piezoelectric discharges to link the pineal and pituitary glands. 

The Crown Chakra is somewhat outside of the physical human body and was once a powerful organ called the third eye. This "eye" is a spiritual eye that can perceive the spiritual world as a supersensible organ of perception. Wherever this eye turns, it is like a lighthouse that sheds its helpful rays upon the surrounding environment. 
When Imagination and Inspiration unite together, Intuition has the possibility to alight. 

Intuition causes all of the transformed substances and soul forces to vibrate in resonance with the divine. It is the fulfillment of the efforts of the aspirant. Once the aspirant can raise these forces consciously up the central channels and deposit calcium carbonate crystals in the pineal gland, the accompanying lightning bolts of the spiritual world flashes through the mid-brain down to the pituitary gland causing it to excrete the nectar of the gods. These processes of the cosmic and earthly nutrition streams connect us to the higher hierarchies as symbiotic partners in spiritual evolution. 

We feed the gods and the gods feed us.

Consciously reaching the Brow Chakra is the goal of spiritual evolution. It holds the past, the present and the future inside of its petals. As each petal unfolds through spiritual development, we also deposit crystals in the pineal gland as the result of ionizing material substance. These crystals act as receivers and broadcasters of higher frequencies that are attuned to cosmic vibrations and act reciprocally with the divine hierarchy as nourishment. As we transform material substance into spiritual substance we feed the gods.  As we transform our own physical bodies into spiritual bodies, the gods feed us. This process opens the aspirant to receiving the spiritual substance of the hierarchy as a type of food, food of the gods. Thus, cosmic and earthly nutrition streams are symbiotic relationships between humans and the hierarchies above us each giving to the other what the other needs.

Note: The pineal and pituitary glands work so closely together in the upper chakras that you cannot say that one or the other belongs to a specific chakra. For the purposes of organizing the ASCEND lessons into manageable topics, we will review the pineal gland in the brow chakra lesson and the pituitary in the crown lesson. 

Nourish bone marrow, where red and white blood cells are manufactured in the body, with animal and/or plant-based calcium. With the exception of Himalayan sea salt, learn why eating rocks, no matter how finely they have been crushed, does not nourish the human body. 

What You Need to Know About
Calcium Supplementation

Plants are able to ingest and break-down the minerals in rocks and soils, humans are not. If you are taking calcium supplements for bone health, you should be aware that nearly all minerals in calcium supplements are made from rocks that have been processed with one or more industrial acids. Not only are you increasing the acidosis levels of your blood, you are literally eating rocks, when ingesting these types of calcium.

For the best nourishment of the human body, it is advised to stay away from consuming anything below the plant kingdom. Plants have roots that can take the minerals and metals of the soil and provide them to animals and humans in digestible forms. Likewise, when animals eat plants, they are able to process plant-based minerals and nutrients into amino acids which are important for cellular health.

Supplementing with Himalayan sea salt is an exception as it is taken in very small quantities and contains essential minerals and metals that are depleted in most soils. The scant metals found in sea salt are also needed to activate enzymes.  

Calcium carbonate , the cheapest and most common form of calcium found in supplements, is essentially ground up limestone. When was the last time you put rocks on your plate for dinner?

Calcium citrate , another popular form of calcium supplementation, is the calcium salt of citric acid. As we have pointed out in earlier lessons, acidosis is problematic and can lead to an increase of candida which leads to all kinds of unwanted symptoms, including cancer.

Although some rock-based calciums will be absorbed in the body, they can also add to the calcification of the pineal gland which is detrimental to the opening of the brow and crown chakras. The increased acidosis of rock-based calcium can also leach the bones, leading to osteoporosis or osteopenia, and add to blood acidosis. 

Plants are the Best Source of Calcium 

Supplement Calcium with Plant-Based Products 

For those of you who would like to supplement your diet with additional calcium, select supplements that are  100% plant based .  The ingredient list below is for our favorite calcium supplement by Garden of Life, called Organic Plant Calcium . Because our readers are world-wide, not everyone will be able to access this brand. Using the supplement facts below as a guide, look for plant-based supplements at your health food store that most closely resembles this blend.  

Another reason we like this brand is because it has D3 and magnesium in the blend. 

Here are some other great sources of plant based calcium:

Almond Non-Dairy Beverage is a fabulous alternative to dairy milk. An 8-ounce serving contains 450 mg of calcium and 100 IUs of vitamin D. The recommended daily allowance of calcium for adults is 1000-1200 so a glass of almond milk, along with calcium rich foods and a natural calcium supplement will provide ample calcium each day without eating rocks.  

Hemp Non-Dairy Beverage is a great substitute for bovine milk and is loaded with calcium. A cup of hemp milk contains one-half the adult daily minimum requirement of 1,000 mg calcium. It is also a good source of the B vitamins, phosphorus, and Vitamin D . Click here  t o read about hemp's benefits. 

Chia Seeds contain 18% of the RDA
requirement of calcium and 30% of magnesium in one ounce or 28 grams. They are loaded with Omega-3s as well. You  can sprinkle the whole or ground seeds into your oatmeal, cereal, soups, stews, waffles, muffins, cookies. The ground seeds make a great thickener for sauces and gravies.  Click here  for a list of proven health benefits. A quick internet search for recipes shows numerous ways to incorporate these nutrient dense seeds in your diet.  Click here   to see some ways to use chia seeds in your recipes.

Calcium Works Better with Magnesium 
Magnesium Oil 

Magnesium is needed for calcium absorption and used in every cell in the body. It is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, supports a healthy immune system, keeps the heart regulated, and supports nerve and muscle function. 

The benefits of magnesium are so extensive and the lack of magnesium so detrimental, that you might want to review this e-book entitled The Invisible Mineral

There are many ways to add magnesium to your health regime. In Octave 1.7 we suggest taking an Epsom salt bath. You can also spray on your skin after your shower.  

Delicious Calcium-Magnesium Drink 

When was the last time you looked at ways to improve your water? 

Have you ever tried a Soda Stream machine that carbonates your own good water into beneficial and delicious sparkling water? Pour a small capful of all-natural Floradix Calcium-Magnesium supplement into a drinking glass and top off with club soda or soda stream carbonated water.   

Not only will you be adding calcium and magnesium into your diet, you will also receive benefits of sparking water: 1) hydrates your body, 2) relieves upset stomach, 3) can help with constipation. Calcium, magnesium, and sparkling water provide a great drink mix for lowering blood pressure as well. 

Antacids are made from calcium
carbonate  and other ground up rocks

Not only are antacids made from ground up calcium rocks, long term use can also detrimentally change the pH of the stomach. For short term results, they may seem to work, but over the long term they are ineffective and can cause even more digestive problems.

If you need relief from poor digestion, heartburn, acid indigestion, we recommend a variety of reliefs throughout the ASCEND program. For occasional relief, have hand-made sodium bicarbonate capsules on hand. These help balance the pH in you r body and bring relief. Learn the importance of sodium bicarbonate in Octave 1.6

Incorporate Vitamin D--through diet, supplementation, or sunshine baths--to regulate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, decrease heart disease and cancer, regulate mood and ward off depression, and boost the immune system.   

Your body can make its own vitamin D from just being in the sun for
a few minutes every day. It is a critical vitamin in the support of calcium absorption. This attached pamphlet is excellent in describing the importance of vitamin D and sunshine in your diet:

Sun Gazing 
You have now completed the first Octave of the Ascension Sacraments for the Cosmic and Earthly Nutrition Stream

If you have come this far, we hope that you have worked through each Octave of ASCEND and are feeling much better than you did when you started. 

This is a good time to check-in and see what symptoms you are still experiencing. Click here for the symptom worksheet. 

Let's celebrate your success by adding St. Germain Inspired Oatmeal into your daily diet.
 For recipe click here


Aging is the process of calcification.

As we write in The Gospel of Sophia: A Modern Path of Initiation:

"In both nature and the human we see the forces of silica control the pineal gland, as a force of  She , or the female forces of nature, also known as levity. 
Likewise, we can see the forces of calcium control the pituitary gland, as a force of He, or the male form of nature, also known as gravity.
Silica is abundant in the child at birth but declines over the years until at old age it is one-fourth of its prior level.  Calcium is the opposite.  Found in smaller proportions in the newborn, it then gains dominance in the aged.  Levity rules childhood while gravity rules aging.  As silica wanes and calcium waxes, old age sets in and the forces of physical gravity and calcification predominates." 

For spiritual reflection, please look at the recipe for St. Germain's Inspired Oatmeal and then read pages 132-135,  The Etherization of the Blood in A Modern Path of Initiation .  Do you see how silica and calcium in this recipe could help you on your path of ascension?  


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