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November 3, 2021
Your Work with Students
Public education has a vital role in our communities. It offers equitable access to students and helps develop future leaders. It also plays an essential role in sharing truths and teaching to combat hate and create a more socially just world.
In this edition of ETFO News, we share several resources to help you further awareness and teach for a better future. 
Holocaust Education Week 
In a global context, we have witnessed the rise of white supremacy and the growth of anti-Semitism in communities. Coupled with this hate, there has been an increasing level of disinformation and hate speech online. This makes our remembrance even more urgent. Let us reflect on, share, and teach to ensure it never happens again.
Facing History & Ourselves offers classroom resources here.
Treaties Recognition Week 
The first week of November is Treaties Recognition Week. Treaties are legally binding agreements that set out the rights, responsibilities and relationships of First Nations and the federal and provincial governments. Ontario would not exist without treaties, so let's do the work to understand these agreements better.
Check out our Introduction to Treaties resource and enjoy these videos featuring Indigenous voices with your students.
For further curriculum tools, visit
COVID-19 Update
ETFO Gives to Haiti
To support a recovery and reconstruction for the people of Haiti the provincial Executive and several locals have donated towards disaster relief efforts.

Earlier this school year the Executive approved a motion to donate $10,000 and an additional $10,000 to match local ETFO donations. The funds will go towards urgently needed assistance to more than 800,000 people affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti, including shelter, water and sanitation, emergency healthcare, food, and early recovery.
If you would like to make a personal donation, consider Global Giving
Defending Teachers and Union Rights 
Along with Education International, ETFO is speaking out to protest the ongoing attack on teachers and the teachers’ union in Jordan. Read the letter that ETFO President sent to the Prime Minister.
We are alarmed and concerned by the dissolution of the Jordanian Teachers' Association (JTA), the massive dismissals of teachers, including 14 union leaders and the suspension of the union.
Join us to send a message about collective bargaining rights and teachers' unions; sign this petition.
For Climate Justice 
To make a healthy environment a lived reality, deliberate action is required to redress and prevent environmental racism and advance environmental justice.

The main environmental law, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, is long overdue for an update and the David Suzuki Foundation is asking us to advocate for change.

Send your message in support of Bill C-230 to tell Parliament to bring back the National Strategy Respecting Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice Act and pass it!
ETFO Card Changes
Earlier this year, the Edvantage Program launched its new website and some exciting changes. Your ETFO membership card will no longer be used to access Edvantage deals.

Once you create an account on the Edvantage website and log into your account, you can access savings. Members can also now print out the Edvantage card through; that is all you need to access great discounts.

The QR code image will also direct you to a video that shows you how to create an Edvantage account.
Apply for a Standing Committee
Consider getting involved in your union by applying to be a member of a provincial Standing Committee. Serving on a committee will provide you with the opportunity to share your expertise and to have a voice on Federation issues related to provincial policies, positions, programs and initiatives.
For the current 2021-2023 term, apply by March 1, 2022.
Refer to this flyer for more details and apply online at

Members who are interested in the 2022-2024 Standing Committees can apply here!
Professional Learning Events
Women's Collective Bargaining Conference - Level One
November 25

This is an introductory-level conference for women about the collective bargaining process and how to get involved in local bargaining. Registration is now due November 5.
To learn more, please read this flyer.
Women Addressing Gender-Based Workplace Violence
December 9

This conference will support the leadership development of women members as they build their knowledge and advocacy for examining violence in the workplace and participating in a discussion of how to address it.

View this flyer for details and register by November 15.
Conscious Classrooms
Responding to Gender-Based Violence  

This two-day Regional Conference is open to members who self-identify as women from Durham, Peel, Toronto and York Region locals.
ETFO has partnered with the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape and White Ribbon to develop this program to enhance an understanding of gender-based violence within schools and support students who have made a disclosure. 
Register by November 19, at 5:00 p.m. ET
Our professional learning programs offer members support with their ongoing learning journey.

We work to expand knowledge, strengthen and deepen skills and develop leaders in the classroom and in the union.

To register for all ETFO events you need to have a User Account on the site.

This link will take you to important FAQ and the Account Creation Guide for events.

And don't forget, we are here to help!

If you have registration questions, want to know more about release time or reimbursement call us at 416-962-3836 ext. 3827.
EduGAINS Continues to 2022

The Ministry of Education has extended access to the EduGAINS website until June 2022. The Ministry is continuing to migrate selected content from EduGAINS to the Virtual Learning Environment.
To find out what content has migrated, please log in to and search under Supports for Learning on the left-hand side of the landing page. 
Environmental Action/Climate Change
To assist members with incorporating climate justice into the classroom, ETFO is providing six virtual workshops in partnership with locals until December 10. 
This workshop provides an overview of impacts and solutions to address the climate emergency. The three lesson plans for primary, junior and intermediate students invite learners to:

  • think critically about the impact of human activity;
  • evaluate ways of controlling or reducing these impacts; and
  • investigate energy and resource usage and sustainability.

Science expectations are woven through engaging lesson plans that immerse students in media literacy by analyzing, interpreting, and creating media texts.
Our site will also house four webcasts for members to access on this topic. Downloadable resources accompany the virtual workshops and webcastsview and download the classroom resources on
In the News 
On October 29, the federal government chose to appeal the recent Human Rights Tribunal decision that First Nations children were discriminated against in receiving child welfare services. The appeal continues the 14-year battle that has already had 29 judgments against the government.
Cindy Blackstock, Executive Director at the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society said, “It’s disturbing to see that the federal government is not yet fully able to put down its sword of litigation against First Nations children.” Read more
Blogs for Educators

  • Arianna Lambert questions, if we are all on a "learning journey," why are some so offended at the thought of having something to work on? Find out her reflections in Tone Policing.

To read more posts by elementary teachers and education workers, jump on over to
Member Services
OTF Connects Series
The 'Connects Webinar' sessions are back! Click on the link below for a calendar showing the complete listing of webinar offerings available to all Ontario educators.  Learn more.
Home Insurance 101 
The word “home” means something different to everyone. Whether home is a detached house, a duplex, a townhouse, apartment or a condo, it’s important to ensure that your belongings are protected.

OTIP has put together a quick guide to help you determine what type of insurance policy is best suited for you. Learn more.
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