Focus Microwaves is an innovative engineering company. Founded in 1987, Focus is the pioneer of most existing electro-mechanical tuner families.

Together with its subsidiaries Mesuro and Auriga, the success of Focus is based on the engineering and manufacturing skills of its highly motivated and experienced team of engineers and technicians.

In addition, listening to their customers’ needs and insights helps them discover and develop new measurement methods on an ongoing basis. They are relentlessly pushing the limits of what is possible.
DELTA Tuners for On Wafer Measurements 10-67GHz

Focus Microwaves’ new DELTA series of electro-mechanical tuners is designed specifically for high frequency on wafer measurements. 

The tuner’s low profile allows it to be placed within the wafer perimeter and allows for a direct connection between the probe tip and the tuner, eliminating all possible insertion loss between the DUT and the tuner. 

This revolutionary new tuner design enables the engineer to achieve optimum tuning range, with a tuner whose footprint and weight has been dramatically reduced. Ideal for 5G applications.

  • Fundamental 10-67GHz Delta Tuner
  • Harmonic 10-67GHz F0,2F0,3F0 Delta Tuner
Active Load Pull

RAPID – active tuning made easy with a modular approach to a complex problem. The RAPID can be used as a standalone impedance synthesis and measurement system, or combined into a hybrid solution when paired with Focus’ MPT series harmonic tuners. The passive tuners can be used to synthesize fixed harmonic impedances in a high speed fundamental active setup. With this modular configuration the user benefits from speed, increased tuning range for F0, CW, pulsed and modulated signals while reducing cost and simplifying the system.

  • Fast CW Impedance Tuning: 5ms per load synthesized at 1kHz IFBW
  • Wideband Impedance Tuning: 100MHz of instantaneous bandwidth
  • Multi Frequency Tuning (& extension)

Key Benefits:
  • Dramatic Improvement of Test-Bench Throughput
  • Modular Architecture Designed for Scalability
  • Improved Modulated Measurement Capability (100MHz real time BW)
  • Reduced Testing Cost as no external VNA required
Fundamental Tuners

The CCMT (Computer Controlled Microwave Tuner) family of tuners have one to three wideband probes enabling very wideband frequency coverage making it ideal for high power applications as well as wideband noise applications. 

The very long lasting RF probes used in the tuner are also designed for optimal tuning accuracy, free of spurious resonances. The combination of multiple probes provide ultra-wideband coverage in one single tuner. All Focus tuners are LAN controlled and include on-board impedance synthesis firmware (iTuner).

CCMT Series
  • Coaxial CCMT 0.1-110GHz
  • Waveguide CCMT 26-140GHz
  • Differential DMT 2-50GHz
  • High Reflection MRT/HR
  • Maximum Reflection typically >100:1 SWR
  • High Reflection typically 30:1 to 50:1 VSWR
  • Low Frequency Tuner LFT 10MHz -170MHz
Harmonic Tuners

The MPT provides unmatched performances and capabilities – harmonic tuning, high VSWR and wideband coverage
Multi-purpose tuners (MPT) use three wideband probes, allowing independent control of the amplitude and phase of the reflection factor at all three harmonic frequencies simultaneously. 

The MPT is widely used for advanced applications like high power/efficiency RF amplifier design. By controlling the harmonic impedances at the source and load, users can generate more robust behaviour models and have better insight on how their device performs in all classes of operation.

MPT Series
  • MPT-67100 (10-67GHz)
  • MPT-3620 (2-36GHz)
  • MPT-1808 (0.8-18GHz)
Focus Microwaves becomes a Keysight Technologies Solutions Partner

Focus Microwaves and Keysight Technologies have announced a strategic partnership to provide advanced load pull and noise measurement capabilities for a variety of applications and markets. 

The companies will collaborate to deliver unique measurement systems focused on innovative products that will improve design and test capabilities.

These tools will prove highly valuable to any test and design engineer working on non-linear active RF devices.

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