Active Shooter Response Training with Bob Thornton

Tuesday, August 28, 2018- Frankfort, KY, 9:00AM - 4:30PM (EDT)
Thursday, August 30, 2018- Owensboro, KY, 9:00AM - 4:30PM (CDT)

Deadline is August 20, 2018!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (CFOI), fatal work injuries involving violence and other injuries increased by 163 cases to 866 in 2016. Workplace homicides increased by 83 cases to 500 in 2016, and workplace suicides increased by 62 to 291—the highest homicide figure since 2010.

The KBA knows and understands the risks you face every day in the broadcast industry. Whether, you are a rural broadcaster or located in a metropolitan area, this training is for  YOU . The KBA has partnered with the Community Corrections Institute, LLC in Washington state to bring this training to Kentucky.

Topics Covered Include:
·          Active Shooters- Scope of Threat
·          Motivations of the Active Shooter
·          The Time Element Active Shooter Characteristics
·          What to Expect and How to Respond
·          When Officers Arrive-What to Do & What Not to Do
·          Lessons Learned
·          The Seven Elements to Successful Countermeasures.

Advanced registration is required. To register, please email Karen Mucci at  or call (502)848-0426.
KBA Award Nominations
Now Open!
The KBA is now accepting nominations for the 2018 KBA Awards to be presented during the KBA Annual Conference, Tuesday, October 9, Holiday Inn University Plaza, Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Deadline for submissions is Friday, August 10, 2018.

To submit a nominee; state the award that you are nominating the person(s) for and give a brief overview of the accomplishments of the individual(s). Your contact information must be included. Nominations can be emailed to , faxed to (502) 848-5710, or mailed to 101 Enterprise Drive, Frankfort KY 40601. 
Winners will be announced October 9th at the KBA Annual Conference in Bowling Green .
The Kentucky Broadcasters Association award winners are selected by a committee appointed by the organization's Chairman and shall be comprised of three representatives of member stations and the sitting executive committee. Nominations for awards may be made by employees of any member station or by members of the awards committee.
Al Temple Award Presented to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Kentucky Broadcasters Association over an extended period of time. Their volunteer service is an invaluable part of this organizations success and ability to serve its members. The award is named in honor of the extraordinary service of Al Temple a pioneer secretary-treasurer of the KBA.
Kentucky MIC Hall of Fame Award Presented to those individuals who have made outstanding personal contributions to the broadcasting profession in Kentucky. Since this award is considered to be the highest award given by the KBA to recognize accomplishments in Kentucky broadcasting, recipients are hereby inducted into the KBA Hall of Fame.
J.T. Whitlock Life Service Award Presented to members retiring or leaving the profession who have earned perpetual membership and recognition as a result of their contributions to Kentucky broadcasting. Participation in conferences shall be at no cost to recipients of the Life Service Award and their spouse. The award is in honor of a life of service by J.T. Whitlock, longtime KBA Executive Director / Secretary-Treasurer.
Ralph Gabbard Distinguished Kentuckian Award Given to present or former Kentuckians who have earned fame or acclaim in their field of endeavor and presented in recognition of the value of those achievements and accomplishments to the state and nation. This award is in honor of distinguished television broadcaster and former Kentucky Broadcasters Association Chairman Ralph Gabbard. 
To review past award recipients,  click here.  
“We can’t stand on the sidelines wondering where the next generation of broadcasters will come from,” says Kentucky Broadcasters Association President Chris Winkle. Winkle delivered opening remarks to the 2018 class of KBA/WKU Radio Talent Institute students on Tuesday of this week in Bowling Green. Other KBA members scheduled to present at the Institute include; Mike Tarter, Derron Steenbergen, David Brinkley, Kristen Cantrell, and Dale Thornhill just to name a few. Steve Newberry, NAB Executive VP of Strategic Planning and Special Projects, was also scheduled address the class during the intensive 10 day training. The KBA has sponsored the Talent Institute since its inception and the first State Broadcast Association to do so in the Country. 

A community-wide coalition focused on suicide prevention is organizing a broad-based community effort centered around National Suicide Prevention Week - September 9-15, 2018. Click here to view their webpage for more information .
KBA will host PSA's to help promote this important event on our webpage, coming soon.
We will alert you once they are posted.
Comments From Capitol Hill -
Bob Okun
Chairman and CEO
The O Team
Rep Steve Scalise (R-La) introduced legislation mirroring bills he authored in the past two Congresses to deregulate the video 
Programming market. The legislation is supported by distributors such as DirecTV and Verizon as expected since retransmission consent and compulsory copyright license arrangements for cable and satellite carriage of broadcast programming would be repealed. Must carry rules for commercial broadcast tv signals would also be repealed. Radio - tv cross ownership caps would be repealed, too.
While this bill is not expected to be acted upon this year, general hearings on the future of video is possible in the House and Senate and elements of the Scalise bill may be offered next year during congressional consideration of satellite tv reauthorization.

The Senate is working to clear disagreements and then consider a version of the Music Modernization Act similar to the bill that passed the House. 

Various bills have been introduced to increase disclosure and disclaimers for online advertisements but there is little time remaining for legislative action prior to the mid term congressional elections.

All 5 FCC Commissioners testified in the House Energy and Commerce Committee this week. A similar hearing is expected in the Senate Commerce Committee.
The FCC recently issued a notice of proposed rule making affecting LPTV, translators and FM Radio station reimbursements resulting from spectrum auction relocations.
Chris Winkle
KBA President/CEO
I would like to extend a huge thank you to Julie Schmidt and KET for inviting me to attend the live taping of “Disrupting The Opioid Epidemic” at their studios on Cooper Drive in Lexington.  I am also thankful for KET’s forward thinking vision to create programs such as this, in a proactive effort to raise awareness about the opioid and substance abuse epidemic that is ravaging Kentucky communities. In a report released this week from the KY Drug Control Policy and Justice Cabinet, Kentucky overdose fatalities increased to 1,565 in 2017. Jefferson County had the most overdose deaths with Fayette, Campbell, Kenton, Mason, Boyd and Jessamine showing significant increases. The audience was composed of health professionals, law enforcement, jailers, judges, mayors, recovered addicts and family members who lost a loved one. Whether you have been directly affected by the opioid epidemic firsthand or not, I would strongly encourage you to gather the family and watch the program on Monday night at 8/7 on KET.

Additional Resources:
Helpline: (855) 212-2157
David Brinkley, KBA’s Chairman-Elect, cordially invites you to Bowling Green for the KBA Annual Conference, October 8-9, 2018. New this year and kicking off the 2018 event, please come a day early on October 7th for our Inaugural Broadcasters Cup Golf Scramble.

In years past, the Annual Conference has served as our once a year “broadcasters family reunion”. Whether we all get along competitively or not, we remain brothers and sisters in the same broadcasting family. We are hopeful that you will take this opportunity to carve a couple of days out of your schedule to network, share ideas, make new friends and invest in your own personal development

Along with new additions this year, like the Broadcasters Cup golf scramble, we have planned a fun conference jam packed with including intensive training sessions for MANAGERS, MARKETING REPS, ENGINEERS and PROGRAMMERS, lots of great food, live entertainment, honored awards and numerous special guests.

Come for the reunion, stay for the training, you don't want to miss 2018!

Registration is now open,  click here to register today!

( Lodging is complimentary October 7-9; reservations must be made through the KBA .)

Check back for weekly updates! Deadline to register is Friday, September 7, 2018.
October 8, 2018 @ 9:30 am CT, KBA Annual Conference, Bowling Green
Broadcasters Cup Scramble
October 7, 2018

KBA Annual Conference
October 8- 9, 2018
Bowling Green
Mike Cheney, expert in the art of understanding people, answers LIVE broadcaster questions!

In this session:
Why is it so hard for me to get a few minutes with my Dominant auto dealers?

My manager doesn’t like me to stop and see a client without a purpose, but you say that Expressive clients like you to stop in to say “hi”. Why is that?”

How do you recover if you identify a client’s communication pattern incorrectly?

Is it a good idea to categorize my clients based on their communication pattern?
I find it hard to deal with Analytical prospects. Do they REALLY need all the information they ask for?
Sally Kohn continues her powerful series on knowing your local competition and how you can position yourself as the lead sales professional in your market regardless of your station’s ranking
John Tkac starts a series with four of the twenty-five terms you need to know when you call on local auto dealers!
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