Good Morning! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Hopefully the weather will be warmer this week! 

Today we are going to talk about you and how to keep you healthy! 
Healthy Habits - Clean Teeth 

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside  by Laurie Keller 

Take Care of Your Teeth  by Don L. Curry 
Video: How to Have a Healthy Smile 
How can you keep your teeth pearly-white and strong? 

Health Activity: 
Brushing BIG Teeth 

Materials: ice cube tray, old toothbrush, floss or string, shaving cream (optional)  
This fun activity uses an upside-down ice cube tray as a set of giant teeth! It’s also a great opportunity to talk about dental health. 

In addition to the ice cube tray, provide your child with an old toothbrush and floss (it can be real floss or another kind of string). Now they can practice cleaning the teeth. If you have shaving cream (and don’t mind a little mess), use that as pretend toothpaste. 

While your child is working, talk about why we brush and floss our teeth. (When food and germs stay on our teeth, they can get holes called cavities. So we brush our teeth clean!)  
T ake a trip to the Dentist! 
And for Parents:

The Darien YMCA is working with Person to Person to help provide food for families in need. Please consider donating non-perishable food. We will be holding our Food Drive at the Darien YMCA this week Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 11am-1pm. YMCA staff will be there to take food right out of your car, while wearing gloves and masks. Pull into the drop off circle and they will meet you. If you'd rather, you can pull up and put the food on the curb and they will come and take it into the Y. Most needed items are: peanut butter, jelly, canned tuna or chicken and Mac & Cheese, but all items are appreciated.   

Have a great day! Talk to you on Wednesday!


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