15 March 2020
County Executive Laura Curran has ordered all Nassau County Public and Non-Public K-12 Schools closed for the next two weeks. Following this order, The De La Salle School will be closed until Friday, 27 March, with the hope and prayer of  reopening on Monday, 30 March.

Please keep in your prayers all of the students and families of The De La Salle School as well as our dedicated faculty and staff.
Awards Luncheon
Greetings from Mr. Gault

The Awards Luncheon recognizing the students who distinguished themselves in a particular month has become a long-standing tradition at The De La Salle School. This is a tradition that began with my predecessor, Brother Thomas. Each month one student from each grade and one chosen at large gather around the conference table in my office for a special meal of thier choosing. This recognition of the young men whose effort, comportment, and achievement merit this honor is a coveted invitation. I enjoy the opportunity to be the host and waiter. We share wonderful conversations and I have the opportunity to share one on one time with some amazing young men.

Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Bernard & June Rader who visited our school on Wednesday, 4 March spending time with our 7th & 8th grade students sharing Mr. Radar's valiant service to our country.  He is a veteran of World War II where he served as a member of the 94th Infantry Division of the US Army.  Mr. Rader shared his story of ambush and capture of his patrol by the German Army in Lorient France. Mr. Rader became part of the first Prisoner of War exchange in WWII.  He was presented with the French Legion of Honor award for his bravery. Mr. & Mrs. Radar are ardent supporters of our school and make time each year to provide our students with a factual and historical first-hand account of this time in our world history.
The students of The De La Salle School recently participated in a "Penny War" raising funds to purchase care and comfort items along with food that would be prepared for the children and their families at The Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. On Sunday morning, 8 March, I joined our eighth-grade students, along with their parents, Mrs. Becker and Ms. Buttigieg, at Ronald McDonald House to spend our morning touring the facility and preparing a meal for the families and residents of the House.

After a tour and learning about the mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities, the students assisted the school staff and their parents making eggs, sizzling bacon and baking muffins for a wonderful breakfast. They then began peeling carrots, chopping peppers, onions and tomatoes and properly spicing chicken for a meal of soup, salad and chicken fajitas followed by a decadent dessert of Death by Chocolate prepared with love by our own Mr. & Mrs. Donodeo.

Peace and blessings from The De La Salle School to your family this Lenten season!

William L. Gault
Executive Director  
WWII Veteran and POW Mr. Bernard Rader

Giving Back at Ronald McDonald House

Seismic Waves & Pinatas

Student Announcements
The Week of 2 March 2020

Gentleman of The Week - Zacarias , Grade 8
Artist of The Week -  Danny, Grade 7
Writer of The Week - Brian, Grade 7
Word of The Week - Incarnate

The Week of 9 March 2020

Gentleman of The Week - Humberto , Grade 7
Artist of The Week -  Julian, Grade 5
Word of The Week - Virtue

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