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Kari Nissena   



So many actors have gotten training, a headshot and an agent but still have very little idea on how to get Steady Acting WORK!    


This strategic customized business coaching centers around how to have an real acting career doing what you love.

Potential Topics Include:

  • - Designing a True Career as a Paid Working Actor
  • - Special Marketing Techniques
  • - Getting Free Publicity  
  • - Red Carpets & Industry Buzz 
  • - Audition Questions
  • - Getting an Agent or Manager 
  • - How to Become SAG Eligible Quickly!
  • - Finding Your Type & Branding Yourself 
  • - Producing Your Own Projects
  • - Creating an Online Web Presence
  • - Headshots & Resumes
  • - How to get a High-Powered Mentor
  • - Websites, Facebook, Viral Marketing, and Beyond 
  • - Goal Setting
  • - Scheduling your "Actor" day
  • - Meeting CDs, Directors, Writers, and Producers
  • - IMDb and IMDbPro
  • - Demo Reels
  • - Viral Marketing
  • - Setting Yourself up for Success! 
  • - Thinking Like a Pro
  • - Standing Out in a Sea of Actors
  • - Audition Prep 
  • - Enjoying Your Actor Journey
  • - Taking Massive Action
  • - And Much More.   

Private Coachings are to work on whatever YOU need help with and to answer your specific questions.



Where & When:

Coachings are over the phone and are based on individual schedules.



After You Register:  


You will receive additional information along with what you should prepare for your coaching sessions.


You will also be contacted to set up a day and time for your first coaching session.  


A private coaching session with Kari is
$125.00 hr


(And much less when committing to more hours!)


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** This training is for educational purposes and is not a guarantee of auditions or employment.    


If an actor cancels a scheduled session at least 24 hrs before the scheduled coaching session...they will be given a "Kari Nissena Coaching Credit" that can be used towards future coaching.  If the actor cancels under 24 hours or no-shows for a set appointment the actor forfeits that hour of coaching.  No refunds. 


** (Coachings must be used by Dec 31st on the same year as purchased.)





 100+ "Actor Actions"   



 100+  Websites for Your Career




Once you register for a coaching with Kari, You become a part of her acting community as well.  Therefore, you may, on occasion, receive industry invites to Red-Carpet events, screenings, select casting notices & opportunities, actor discounts, fun tid bits, inspiration, and more ...  




What Kari's Clients are Saying  (Very Partial List):






"I just have to say, that's the best damn money I've spent in a long time!!!!!!



"Really Really wonderful! I have a list that will keep me busy for weeks!  Thanks for the new ideas!"  




"WOW!  GREAT. This was fantastic. Kari's Knowledge and enthusiasm is smart, empowering, and invaluable!   This is a must to anyone in the business at any level!"



"The best acting teacher I've ever had!"   



"Very clear.  Very helpful in breaking down goals and getting specific about them.  Supportive enthusiastic knowledgeable - Fire-Starter!"    



"My hidden Yoda."    



"We hired Kari to work with our entertainment company on marketing. She has a lot of experience and out of the box thinking. If you want a different look on your acting/writing marketing plan, I would highly suggest contacting Kari."



"Kari was extremely knowledgeable and clearly brought the ideas shown to a reachable level.  Extremely clear and helpful"



"Thankyou for lighting a flame in my career again."



"Knowledge of the industry is exceptional!"


"Inspirational & extremely helpful.  Got way more information than I thought.  Kari is fantastic!"





Kari Nissena Mini-Bio:


A Professional Actress, Producer, Acting Teacher and Career Coach.    


Kari has extensive training, credits, and experience.  An award-winning actress with hundreds of acting credits to her name, she has covered just about every corner of the industry, having acted in Film, Television, Radio, Theatre, Commercials, Voiceover and More.  


She has also produced dozens of films and projects, she has worked in casting and has managed and/or owned various companies in the film industry.      


You can find a fraction of her credits on:    IMDb




Thank you!


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