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March 2020

Discover literary, arts, and pride culture...

Let Adams & Butler take "Gaelic" enthusiasts on a tour to enjoy Ireland's history, art, culture, food and entertainment all in one package - with the backdrop of the most spectacular scenery in Western Europe. Bards, pipers, storytellers, and seanachie were members of honoured Gaelic professions. You'll seek out these masters of entertainment in pubs, cottages and ancient castles. Discover the literary traditions of Ireland; follow the footsteps of the Vikings; hear about early Christianity in Ireland; enjoy Irish music and folklore; visit some of the finest mansions, as well as museums, art galleries and wonderful little shops in the cities and villages along the way but most of all enjoy Craic agus Ceol...

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Siobhan Byrne Learat
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Adams & Butler
Discovering the Hidden Artistic Treasures of Dublin
National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin

Do you visit art galleries while on holidays and wish you knew a little more about art? Would you like to know what makes a painting a masterpiece; why a painting is famous; what is this painting really about; what should I look for in a painting? A relaxing tour of Dublin's two main galleries: The National Gallery of Ireland - home of the world-famous Caravaggio painting The Taking of Christ and the Dublin City's Hugh Lane Gallery - where you have a unique opportunity to view Francis Bacon's entire Studio.  You can do all this with Adams & Butler.  A&B believes art should be accessible, demystified and that everyone can be their own expert.
Expect not just a gallery tour, but also a fascinating discovery of the joys of art and an insight into the hidden secrets behind different art movements including modern art. All will be explained.  Having examples such as extensive painting collections in these two galleries, you will leave with enhanced skills on how to get the most enjoyment from any future visit to any gallery in the world.
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Private Visit with Ann Griffin-Bernstorff
Animal Magic by Ann Griffin-Bernstorff

Adams & Butler can arrange a private meeting with artist - Ann Griffin-Bernstorff - whose paintings can be found in National Irish Portrait Gallery. Learning from the artist herself about her life, work and inspirations can be fascinating. Depending on the itinerary, the meeting can be arranged in the gallery, your hotel or even Ann's home.

Ann Griffin-Bernstorff was born and raised in Limerick, Ireland, and lives today in a handsome Georgian house in the South of Ireland. Ann has an exceptionally fine collection of antique dolls, toys and costumes, which also provide inspiration and reference for her paintings.

Ann was trained in France as a horticulturist. In 1963 she won the Taylor Art Scholarship to study at the Atelier Yves Brayer and Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Later she returned to Dublin where she trained and worked as a picture restorer for the next five years until she met her late husband. Count Gunner Bernstorff of Denmark.

Ann's influences are diverse. She admires Botticelli, the Italian primitives, early Flemish painters and the Limbourg Brothers. Her paintings of children owe something to the work of 18th and 19th century American itinerant painters, with their portraits of plump, pale figures with large, flat faces, who peer out of elaborate miniaturized adult clothes.

She combines her ability to paint excellent likenesses with her rich imagination. Ann portrays her subjects as characters in her own idiosyncratic world. The result is much more fun than many "academic" portraits.

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A Journey into Nobility | Castles & Earls
Earl of Rosse

Birr Castle Demesne is open to the public every day of the year and attracts an average of over fifty thousand visitors annually. The castle itself however remains a private residence, still the home of the family which originally built it and has lived there ever since for some fourteen generations. Two hundred years ago, this family, called Parsons, inherited the Earldom of Rosse, and the present head of the family living at Birr Castle is Brendan Parsons, Seventh Earl of Rosse.

It would not be feasible for Lord and Lady Rosse to open the doors of the castle to the general public, without rapidly putting an end to its remaining a family home. However, with Adams & Butler, arrangements can be made for Lord and Lady Rosse to entertain your clients for lunch and a day in the castle. Behind the castle door, you will find astounding collection of art, furniture, paintings and books. Lord and Lady Rosse take guests on a tour of the libraries, yellow drawing room and great Gothic Music Saloon, pointing out the treasures in each room and their history. In the castle's magnificent formal gardens and terraces discover Birr's world-famous engineering and astronomical wonder - the Great Telescope.  Lord Rosse is a brother-in-law of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.

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Unveiling Ireland's Viking Past with Dr. Patrick F. Wallace
Viking Ruins in Wicklow, Ireland

Adams & Butler can arrange a private tour with former Director Emeritus of the National Museum of Ireland - Pat Wallace who has made numerous appearances on television and radio in Ireland and abroad, and is an entertaining, well liked and enthusiastic communicator of Ireland's cultural heritage and patrimony. As a Viking scholar, his contribution has been acknowledged by Queen Margarethe of Denmark, who honoured him by inviting him to become a Knight of the Dannebrog.

When visiting The National Museum of Ireland with Pat you will be magically transported back in time. The museum offers extensive archaeological collections with outstanding examples of Celtic and Medieval art and the finest collection of prehistoric gold artefacts in Europe. You will then ramble through prehistoric Ireland and experience life as it was during the Viking Age in Ireland.
Dublin's Viking past is still unveiled and controversial. It is believed that the first Viking Age in Ireland began in 795, when Vikings (probably of Norwegian origin) began carrying out hit-and-run raids on Irish coastal settlements. However, during some building works in the city centre in 2003 the bodies of four men were discovered. They were Vikings, buried there between 670 - 882. Their discovery suggested an even  earlier Viking presence in Ireland than it was commonly believed.

First known Viking raids were focused on robbing Irish monasteries and taking Irish people as slaves. But not all Vikings were interested in terrorising the native people of Ireland. Some Vikings were traders and they established settlements which grew into towns. So, can we be sure that the Vikings settled in Dublin...? We know, there were small settlements in Ireland already, but it was without doubt the Vikings who established the Dublin that we know today.

If the subject is of interest and you would like to learn more, why not put the knowledge Pat bestowed to the test, and experience it for yourself in the countryside with an Adams & Butler guide and one of Ireland's leading field archaeologists - Michael Gibbons, you will have a chance to discover some of the Viking ruins in Wicklow , where the famous historical drama - Vikings, was filmed.

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Music & the "Craic"  - The Gaelic Traditions of Ireland 
Traditional Music Session at Local Irish Pub

Learn about Celtic history and culture with raconteur, writer and TV presenter Robert Vance. Robert will entertain you in a private Georgian home in the heart of Dublin and then take you to see some of the Celtic treasures that are hidden around Dublin, including a visit to Trinity College to see The Book of Kells, a beautifully decorated manuscript bible dating from the 8th Century in Trinity College, which was founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth 1. Follow this, with Walton's famous Crash Courses for the bodhrán and tin whistle - a unique musical and cultural experience.  Two hours of learning and playing Irish music, guided by some of the finest traditional musicians and teachers in Dublin. These 'full immersion' courses require no previous musical experience and provide thorough introductions to the two most popular (and easiest to learn) instruments of Irish music. A xvsit to Dublin for "Gaelic" enthusiasts wouldn't be completed without visit the GAA Museum at Croke Park, where you will learn about the history of Ireland's two great sports: Hurling & Gaelic Football. 

Ready to experience more "Irishness" outside the capital? Visit the Dingle Peninsula Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) - a stunning area, famed for movies such as Ryan's Daughter and Far and Away. Here you'll possibly pick up a cúpla focal - a smattering of the Irish language and see a rural way of life unchanged for centuries. Visit a bog village where turf cutting was a way of life. As you move along the coast the sound of traditional Irish music chimes through rugged landscape of the Wild Atlantic Way.

The pub and music culture are still very strong in Ireland. If you would like to discover why and enjoy a pint as well as participate in the music - Adams & Butler can arrange a private traditional music pub tour for you anywhere around the country. Some of our favourite pubs can be found in Connemara. The atmosphere and unique character of the Connemara pubs is something not to be missed. Our tour will bring you through the mountains and valleys to the coastal villages where Irish (Gaelic) is the everyday spoken language. You will have a chance to listen to some stories from the locals, sing a song or even speak a few words as Gaeilge! 

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Seamus Heaney Home Place with Adams & Butler
Seamus Heaney 

Step into Seamus Heaney's Homeplace and be inspired by a journey through the life and literature of one of Ireland's greatest writers, poet and Nobel Laureate. Seamus Heaney's Homeplace is an arts and literary centre, which celebrates the life and work of the late poet and Nobel Laureate, and contributes to his legacy.

Standing at the heart of the place and the people which so inspired him, Homeplace includes a stunning interactive exhibition, packed with hundreds of personal stories, photographs and artefacts, and filled with the voice of the poet himself. Discover the people who inspired him: his mother; his father; his brother, Hugh; his neighbour at the Forge, Barney Devlin; his wife, Marie; his children, Michael, Christopher and Catherine; his grandchildren and even Carlo, the family dog.

Explore the places of his childhood and formative years - Anahorish, Moss Bawn, Broagh, Toomebridge, Lagan's Road - and through words and images, share the emotion of poetry - from the joy of Blackberry Picking to the sorrow of Mid Term Break. See and hear for yourself on the video walls and touch screens how Seamus Heaney is remembered by his family and friends, as well as by global cultural figures. Experience the reaction to the award of his Nobel Prize in 1995 in a specially created film which is screened in a tucked-away attic study - reminiscent of Seamus Heaney's own Dublin study and complete with some of the personal items which surrounded him while he worked there.

Learn about the words, rhythm and rhyme which have made Seamus Heaney the most widely published poet in the English language - and a literary phenomenon translated into multiple languages from Spanish to Japanese. Visit the library, now home to hundreds of books from Seamus Heaney's own collection, donated by his family. Dress up, write, draw, colour, craft, make, read! You'll love the creative zone, with a dedicated creative team on hand to help you release your inner artist!

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Literary Dublin
The Long Hall at Trinity College

This special tour created by Adams & Butler includes visits to houses & collections to which the public does not normally have access. You will visit the sites associated with James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Olive Goldsmith & a host of other literary greats. During the tour you will enjoy a lunch in Chapter One, a literary restaurant, with a visit to The Writer's Museum upstairs. The museum houses copies of the magical works of most of the great Irish story tellers: Bram Stoker and George Bernard Shaw amongst others.   Visit Greene's Bookshop & Oscar Wilde's old home on Merrion Square, then enjoy a pub dinner and a visit to the historic and quintessentially Irish, Abbey Theatre.

St Patrick's Cathedral is home of Dean Swift & Marsh's Library is where Sherian LeFanu worked. Christchurch Cathedral is the site of the first production of Handel's Messiah in 1742.  Dublin is also the home of George Bernard Shaw.. Would you fancy dinner at The House of The Dead?  The house is named this as it was the setting of Joyce's famous story "The Dead".  It is claimed that the building has one of the greatest literary addresses in the world, whose pedigree is hard to beat. Most of the characters are based on people Joyce would have met there while visiting his aunt's. It merits a further mention in Ulysses (Circe Chapter), and John Huston topped it all off with his own masterpiece and swansong.

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The Pride of Ireland
Pride Flag

On 23 May 2015, Ireland became the first country to legalise same sex marriage through a nationwide referendum. The Irish Pride community is very welcoming. There are parades and festivals during Gay Pride in all Irish cities and many smaller towns. If your visit to Dublin coincides with the first Saturday of the month then a visit to the Excise Bar Affinity 4 Girls is a must!
If you are a LGBT member these towns should be on your list.

Dublin has long been a centre of art and culture. Stroll through the elegant Georgian streets of Merrion and Fitzwilliam Squares, shop in the elegant emporiums of Grafton Street and Powerscourt Townhouse, explore the collections of the National Museum and National Gallery, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and many fine small private collections. The range of art and artefacts is enormous, and you will have no problem spending many hours enthralled... The city is over a thousand years old, and many of the towns and settlements that surround it are equally ancient. Successive centuries have left their distinctive overlays of character and architecture which means that Dublin has a wealth of historically significant and fascinating sights to explore such as Dublin Castle, where the Normans ruled from the 12th Century, St Patrick's Cathedral, of which Jonathan Swift was Dean, and Trinity College, famous for The Book of Kells and for its alumni who include Oscar Wilde and Oliver Goldsmith. And no visit to Dublin could be complete without visiting either the Old Whiskey Distillery or the Guinness Storehouse!

In Kilkenny enjoy a tour through the craftworkers' studios of the valleys of the Nore and Barrow to Woodstock House, which is the home of an enduring emblem of Sapphic friendship. In 1778 Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby eloped to Wales where they lived together for over fifty years. Best known as the Ladies of Llangollen, after the Welsh village where they lived in "delicious retirement".

Kenmare is a smaller less frenetic town than its neighbour Killarney, and a tiny bit classier. It also has a faint whiff of hippydom - in the 60s it was Ireland's San Francisco!! They are all now organic farmers, film directors or writers.  If Killarney is the preferred destination, the town has magnificent views of the lakes and mountains.

If you tour the Ring of Kerry, don't miss the lunch at Cill Rialaig artists' retreat. It is run by former magazine publisher and socialite Noelle Campbell-Sharpe. This is a place where artists are invited to spend a residency period, contributing some piece of their work to the centre afterwards, and also combines a shop, café and gallery .

Please note  Siobhan Byrne Learat our Found & CEO will be representing Adams & Butler at Proud Experiences in New York from 22nd to 24th of June 2020.

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