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The Irish Connection to Saint Valentine
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December 2019

A Romantic Retreat to the British Isles...

It is an exciting time at Adams & Butler, as we just launched a partnership with Zola! Zola is  a company that is reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience. Couples can now feature Adams & Butler itineraries on their registries for their friends and family to contribute to their memorable honeymoons in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

In the spirit of love and this new partnership along w ith Valentine's day being just around the corner, it is the perfect time to start planning a romantic holiday to the British Isles. T he British Isles afford a myriad of opportunities to celebrate romance. Holiday-goers can embrace their love in nature, by a fireside, over a Guinness... the list goes on!

Adams & Butler can curate the perfect romantic escape for you. We have included some of the special "love" experiences we offer in this newsletter; however, we always look for innovative, unique ways to make each couple's stay with us romantic in its own right, and remember we specialise in Africa too!

We hope you enjoy what we can offer and plan your romantic escape soon...

See you soon,

Siobhan Byrne Learat
Founder & President
Adams & Butler

An Engaging Affair at Glenapp Castle
Aisla Craig

Nestled on the west coast of Scotland in Ayrshire, Glenapp Castle, a Relais & Chateaux property, transports guests to a romantic bygone era. Not only does the property boast antique furnishings throughout, but also the service recalls a period of exceptional hospitality. 

A stay at Glenapp Castle promises a plethora of activities from karaoke afternoon tea to shooting parties to foraging local fresh ingredients from the surrounding forests and glens. While all experiences bestow gratification, Adams & Butler particularly recommends Glenapp's Aisla Craig excursion, as it comprises of a luxurious nautical adventure that embraces nature, local cultural and sustainable practices.

Ailsa Craig is a magnificent island, with cliffs in part almost vertical, close to 1100 feet high. Known as a sixty million year old volcanic plug, it towers above the seascape and is home to puffins and almost 40,000 pairs of guillemots during the season. A lesser known fact is that the granite once quarried on this island, still provides the highest quality of granite for curling stones used by Olympians throughout the world. Ailsa Craig is 30 minutes by boat and, with its own 15th Century castle ruin, makes a quite idyllic landing spot for exploration, picnics and seal and bird watching.

An excursion to Ailsa Craig surely can bestow everlasting memories and serve as the perfect locale for an idyllic engagement setting. Imagine cruising through the Irish Sea as trained falcons soar above your vessel, swooping down below into the waters to collect their prey. It is truly a spectacle. Upon arrival to the island, an abundance of puffins and other indigenous wildlife greet you with a wild, rugged welcome. You can then explore the island on your own, reveling at the immense natural beauty in the privacy of just you and your partner's company. Awaiting on a perched rock formation awaits a whimsical picnic meal featuring local ingredients, freshly caught seafood, and bubbles to commemorate the celebration of course. Now, on top of this historic rock, you present the carefully chosen "rock" of your own to your partner. The thought of this proposal alone remains just a dream for many, yet can become a reality for you. As the sun sets and composes a mosaic of pastels in the horizon, you return to Glenapp Castle aboard your private vessel to commence your lives together as one.

Glenapp Castle is also proud to announce that it has won 'Hotel Restaurant Team of the  Year' at this year's Hotel Catey Awards 2019. 

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Crafting a Family Heirloom | Authentic Irish Glassblowing Experience
Glass Blowing Experience

Nestled in the beautiful Kilkenny countryside, the creative heart of Ireland, awaits a boutique family-run glass blowing studio, which began more than 40 years ago. The studio was established by Keith & Kathleen Leadbetter in 1979. Keith trained as a glassblower in the prestigious Orrefors Glass School in Sweden. From humble beginnings, the couple started designing and hand making glassware from their country farmhouse. With family, friends, music, song and integrity for the craft at its core, the studio is now known across the globe for its honest form and use of colour inspired by the Irish landscape.
True to its roots, today, the studio continues the craft of glass making with family, friends and the spirit of Ireland at its heart. Guests see skilled glassblowers turn flowing redhot molten glass into the beautiful shapes, right before their eyes - up close and personal!

Visitors  meet family member, Rory Leadbetter; Master Glassmaker James Long, who has worked with the family for nearly 40 years; and Kathleen Leadbetter, a glass artist in her own right, affectionately known as "The Boss." The private experience also includes a live action experience of glass making in the 2000-year-old tradition; the heart of a family whose compelling story forms part of each design; and a deeper understanding of the passion, time and soul that goes into each handcrafted piece created.

For honeymooners and lovebirds alike, partaking in this glass blowing experience rewards the opportunity to design a heirloom of their own - not only a treasure they can share with their family and pass down through generations, but also a memento from a pivotal moment in their life as a couple. Under the guidance of an expert craftsman, participants can create anything from a bowl or vase to a paperweight.

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A True Scottish Fairytale
Dunrobin Castle

Across the globe, Scotland is known for its enchanting castles and fairytale-like settings, which transport you to a romantic bygone era. Travel with Adams & Butler to a plethora of these fanciful, majestic locales and commence your own fairytale...
Situated on the northern coast of Scotland, near Dornoch, architecture lovers can marvel at the stunning French design of Dunrobin Castle. The most northerly of Scotland's great houses, Dunrobin is the largest castle in the northern Highlands. The castle dates back to the early 1300s and is home to the Earls, later known as the Dukes of Sutherland. From falconry displays daily in its magical grounds, to its amazing museum and fairy-tale like architecture, Dunrobin Castle is the ideal place for newly weds and new lovers to enjoy some quality time together.

Just over an hour north of Edinburgh, you will find Scone Palace. Scone Palace was the crowning place of Scottish kings where Macbeth, Robert the Bruce and Charles II were once crowned. Scone breathes history like nowhere else in Scotland. It is the family home of the Earls of Mansfield and the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings on the stone of Scone. See where the Stone of Scone, known as the Stone of Destiny, once stood. It now resides in Edinburgh Castle.

At Scone Palace, you can wander down the Long Galley where King Charles II strode to his coronation in 1661. During the Jacobite rebellions, the 'Old Pretender' spent three weeks at Scone while his son, Bonnie Prince Charlie, visited in 1745. Admire the needlework skills of Mary Queen of Scots bed hangings that she worked on while in prison on Loch Leven. Discover the desk at which Frances' tragic young Queen, Marie Antoinette, wrote her letters prior to the days when the guillotine beckoned. You can also see the State Rooms where Queen Victoria was entertained on her way to the Highlands in 1842, and the bedroom in which she slept. If you are a lover of fine things, Scone is a treasury of furniture and paintings, porcelain and other objets d'art. Moreover, Scone Palace is surrounded by beautiful gardens and peaceful woodland, perfect for a gentle stroll or even a picnic - all under the watchful eye of the ever-curious peacocks.

For Adams & Butler clients, Scone Palace can host a lavish night affair. Catering for anywhere between 2 to 132 people, an evening at Scone Palace can be suitable for honeymooners to wedding parties alike. You will be welcomed by pipers on arrival, as four burning torches border the main gated entrance of the palace. Following your tour of the palace, adjourn for pre-dinner drinks in the drawing room, or atop Moot Hill. Situated just outside the Palace, it doesn't take much imagination to picture a throng of medieval Lords and Bishops on the mound that rises outside the entrance to the Palace, solemnly attending the coronation of a Scottish King. Finally, sit down for dinner in one of the many dining rooms.

Situated just off the Isle of Skye, you will find the most photographed place in Scotland, Eilean Donan Castle. One of the most recognised castles in Scotland, it is, without doubt, a Scottish icon and certainly one of the most popular visitor attractions in the Highlands. When you first set eyes on it, it is easy to understand why so many people flock to its stout doors year after year. Strategically located on its own little island, overlooking the Isle of Skye, at the point where three great sea-lochs meet, and surrounded by the majestic splendour of the forested mountains of Kintail, Eilean Donan's setting is truly breath-taking. Crossing the bridge to today's castle, the fourth version, you can clearly understand why Bishop Donan chose the tranquil spot back in 634AD to settle on it and create a monastic cell. 

What makes the Eilean Donan so romantic is its setting. Try to imagine arriving late one summers evening, the crowds of people have left, and it is just you, nature and the castle. The only noises you can hear is the flow of water off the loch, or perhaps some dogs barking in the distance, or the gentle breeze moving through the nearby trees, it is this setting that is the true magic of Eilean Donan Castle.

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Bait, Cook & Bubbles
Fresh Seafood Beach Picnic

For those outdoorsy couples, venturing into the wilderness functions as the ideal means to commemorate and celebrate romance; and Connemara, being the  wild, rugged hinterland of Ireland, hence proves to operate as the perfect locale for this romantic adventure into nature.

While  Adams & Butler curates a plethora of country and seascape excursions in the Connemara region, the " Bait, Cook, & Bubbles " experience stands out as a favorite among couples. 

Be collected by your guide in the morning and venture to the Wild Atlantic Way. There, you will be met by your captain. You will then board your authentic Irish fishing vessel and commence your adventure. While on board, your guide will brief you on the ancient and contemporary fishing practices of the Connemara people, as the captain simultaneously assists you in baiting the perfect catch. Spend the next few hours marveling at the exquisite coastlines, gliding through the pristine blue waters, and indulging on a few pints.  

Following the morning of fishing, you then will be brought to your own private beach to savor your fresh catch. Be greeted by a chef standing over a coal-lit barbecue eager to prepare your meal and his wife standing by his side, offering you fresh local oysters accompanied by a crisp bubbly champagne. With your partner, take the remainder of the day to enjoy the splendor of the sea in this truly romantic setting.

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Ireland's Love Story with the Land
Rock of Cashel

It cannot be stressed enough how important the land of Ireland has been to the people of Ireland over the years. From religious and spiritual grounds to a source of food, Ireland's land has had many uses to the Irish people throughout time; and why not explore this importance with Adams & Butler.

Glendalough has attracted visitors to the shores of its two lakes for almost 1500 years. People come to experience the natural beauty of the landscape, to walk the mountains and hills and to explore the archaeological and historical monuments. Most important of all, people come as pilgrims, responding to the sacred energy of the landscape which drew St. Kevin to withdraw here in search of his God. The spiritual heritage of Glendalough is unsurpassed. The pilgrim way has been followed for ages past by monks and holy people and even our earliest ancestors who felt the primal call to worship. This is indeed holy ground. Pilgrim, go gently.

Michael Gibbons is a world renowned archaeologist, and an expert on all the historical sites of Ireland. Michael can take anyone from honeymooners to wedding parties on private hiking tours of Ireland's historical sites. From spiritual sites to sites frequented by the Vikings, Adams & Butler can provide you with a truly unique insight in the importance of the land to Ireland's people.
Ireland's land has always been a source of food to the Irish people, and until the potato famine of the 1840s, more than 66% of the Irish population worked either on farms or by foraging food that the land naturally provided.

Foraging is seeking and gathering wild, naturally occurring, food in nature that exists all around us, but for many of us is unknown.  It is the oldest human method of gathering food. The benefits of collecting and eating wild food are many. Foraged food is healthy, ecologically interactive, tastes fantastic, and is a joy to collect!

In the modern era, humanity has for the most part lost its connection to nature and the benefits of eating food in its natural state. Increasingly we see the effects of this throughout society, not least with our youth, with ever increasing rates of obesity, general poor health, depression and discontentment. While simply eating wild foods is not the cure all for this, it is most certainly an important stepping stone towards healthier, more connected and sustainable lifestyles.

Adams & Butler can take you on the most bespoke foraging tours in Ireland. Whether it be exploring the woodlands of County Wicklow in search of the sweetest of berries, or along the coasts of Kinsale and Connemara foraging for shellfish, seaweeds and plant life, you will learn how to appreciate the land for what it provides, while learning about different recipes you can put together with the food you have foraged. Why not bring home the recipes to share with your future family.

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Uniting Familial Ancestry | Tracing Genealogy 
Rock of Cashel

Adams & Butler has two genealogists in house, one in Ireland and one in the UK.  They can put together a specialized "Trace Your Ancestor" itinerary, where we will do all the groundwork and help you find your ancestral home. This could be a ruined cottage in a field or a castle on a grand estate! The beauty is in the discovery and the revelation. 

Our driver guides will leave no stone unturned to take you to the place that your ancestors came from, even if it means driving down overgrown tracks and negotiating fields of sheep! Our genealogists are terrific at uncovering nuggets of fascinating information and unearthing details about your ancestors that you may never have known before.

For newlyweds on honeymoons, the experience of genealogy enables them not only to trace and learn the origins of their ancestors, but also to marvel at the idea of the family they will build together in the future.
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A Romantic Cotswolds Adventure Amongst the Lavender Fields
Cotswolds Lavender Fields

Lavender has become synonymous with Provence in France. Countless holiday-goers, however, fail to realize that these romantic, whimsical flowers in fact blossom in the Cotswolds as well. From June to August every year, the fields within the quaint, charming village of Broadway transform into a miraculous, stunning shade of purple that results in an overwhelming and bewildering sense of awe for spectators. The scent yielded by the bloom produces a seductive, entrancing perfume as well. Such an aroma coupled with the striking purple hues illuminated from the fields render the Cotswolds as an idyllic holiday destination for couples, as both surely heighten the romantic atmosphere.

Adams & Butler takes travelers behind-the-scenes of these lavender farms. Before the gates open, the farm's owner provides a private run down of the farm and his harvesting practices. He explains the varieties of lavender, how it's farmed and then finally how it's produced and placed into products in the shop. This private experience is a truly unique experience for anybody with a horticultural background or general interest in flowers.

Following this unique lavender experience, opt to learn more about the flowering traditions of the region on a private garden tour. Gain access to one of the Cotswolds's finest private houses and gardens. Tucked away in the countryside, this gem of a property has five full time gardens and is as near as you can get to a perfect English garden - dreamy lush green grasses, scented roses, herbaceous borders and wonderful wisteria. A member of the professional gardening team leads guests around the property, answering all questions and educating them on gardening efforts as well. Participants indulge in a  delicious lunch in a nearby country pub once the tour concludes. However, before departing the estate and gardens, couples remember to assemble a special bouquet for their partner. The "Cotswolds Fields of Lavender Experience" together with the "Cotswolds Private House & Garden Excursion" undoubtedly culminates in a romantic afternoon for all! 

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The Irish Connection to Saint Valentine
Saint Valentine

While there's no definitive written account of St. Valentine and his life in the third century, his Irish connection is more recent - and documented. In the year 1836, Pope Gregory XVI sent a gift to the Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street, Dublin, in recognition of the work of the church's former prior, Father John Spratt, who was widely recognized as a very holy man. The gift was a relic of a Christian martyr: a small gold-bound casket containing the earthly remains of St. Valentine. The relic had been exhumed from the cemetery of St. Hyppolytus on the Tiburtine Way in Rome, placed in a golden casket, and brought to Dublin, where it was enshrined in the little church with great ceremony. This year, on February 14th, as it has in every year since, the casket containing the Saint's mortal remains will be carried in solemn procession to the high altar of the Carmelite Church for a special Mass dedicated to young people and those in love. If you're lucky enough to be there, this little known Dublin church also sells Valentine's Day cards. Truly, it can be said - these are the genuine article!

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ZOLA | Honeymoon Itineraries
Cairnogorms Romance

Adams & Butler has launched a new partnership with Zola -  a wedding company that is reinventing the wedding planning and registry experience. Couples can now feature Adams & Butler itineraries on their registries for their friends and family to contribute to their memorable honeymoons in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

While the below itineraries are featured on Zola, all the tours curated by Adams & Butler are bespoke in nature and tailored to the traveler's budget and interests. We use these itineraries as launch pads and inspirations to craft the perfect honeymoon for each individual couple.

Day 1      Dublin
  • Welcome to Ireland! As you depart the plane you will enjoy a special VIP Meet & Greet which will make your arrival much easier and less stressful. Your chauffeur will then be waiting for you, to help you emnjoy a comfortable private transfer into your centrally located hotel. Relax and acclimatize to your surroundings after check-in, as you enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.
  • VIP Meet + Greet at Airport
  • Private Airport Transfer
  • Overnight in Deluxe Room - Main House at Merrion Hotel

Day 2      Dublin
  • Start your day off with a private walking tour of Dublin, as your guide is waiting for you in the lobby of your hotel. You will be showcased the highlights of Dublin city as well as some of its lesser known historical areas. You will get a truly unique insight into this great city under the guidance of your expert guide. Your tour will end outside the Kilkenny Shop, a local shop showcasing the finest handcrafted Irish products and design, here you will enjoy a complimentary tea/coffee and freshly made scone. Enjoy the rest of your day at your leisure.
  • Half-Day Walking Tour of Dublin (approx. 3 hours)
  • Overnight in Deluxe Room - Main House at Merrion Hotel

Day 3     Dublin
  • Enjoy the morning at your leisure as you may perhaps choose to enjoy the spa options available at your hotel, or you may choose to do some shopping. In the evening you will enjoy a music pub crawl of some of Dublin's most famous pubs, as you get the chance to converse with locals as well as enjoying some traditional Irish music throughout the tour.
  • Private Music Pub Crawl with 3 Musicians
  • Overnight in Deluxe Room - Main House at Merrion Hotel

Day 4    Dublin, Waterford
  • This morning you will be met by your driver-guide in the lobby of your hotel, they will be with you over the next number of days. You will venture south this morning into County Wicklow, known as the Garden of Ireland, with your first stop being at the breathtaking Glendalough. Here you will enjoy a private hiking tour of the lough and surrounding area with a historian and archaeologist. On completion you will make your way to the Wicklow Brewery where you will enjoy a private tour of the brewery followed by a 5 course taster lunch. With each dish you will also get to sample one of the many beers brewered in the brewery, as they provide you with the best beer to compliment each dish. From here make your way down to the Ireland's South East coast and County Waterford in particular, where you will enjoy the evening at the stunning Cliff House Hotel. You will have the option to dine at one of Ireland's finest Michelin Star restaurants for a romantic evening overlooking the stunning seaside vistas of the Irish Sea.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Private Guided Hiking Tour of Glendalough (approx. 3 hours)
  • Private Tour of Wicklow Brewery followed by Beer and Food Pairing Taster Lunch
  • Overnight in Balcony Suite at Cliff House Hotel

Day 5  Waterford, Kerry
  • You will start your venture west today as you leave Waterford for Kerry, Your first stop today will be in County Cork and the Jameson Midleton Distillery, where you will enjoy a exclusive VIP tour of the distillery with one of Jameson's International Ambassadors. On completion continue towards County Kerry along the Wild Atlantic Way as you travel along Ireland's stunning southern coastline. You will spend the evening in the amazing Sheen Falls Lodge, your base for the next few nights.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Exclusive VIP Tour
  • Overnight in Signature Suite at Sheen Falls Lodge

Day 6   Kerry
  • This morning you will enjoy a truly magical experience. The journey begins at approx. 11:00am at the world renowned Kate Kearney's cottage at the foothills of Ireland's highest mountain range. Here, you take a 7 mile jaunt on a pony and trap through the Gap of Dunloe where you can view a spectacular glaciated valley. Your pony and trap ride ends at Lord Brandon's Cottage where you can enjoy a light lunch. After Lunch, you change to the traditional open boats. Where you are then taken through the three Lakes of Killarney passing by Innisfallen Island, Bricin Bridge, Colleen Bawn Rock, Torc Mountain, Old Weir Bridge , The Meetings of The Waters just to mention a few and ends at the wonderfully restored 15th century Ross Castle. The boat journey is 14 miles long and takes approximately 2 hours. The tour is the perfect way to see the rich and varied vegetation and scenery Killarney has to offer. Approx Finish Time: 15:15. An unforgettable adventure and the ultimate Killarney experience. Enjoy the evening at your leisure.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Gap of Dunloe Tour, followed by Cruise to Ross Castle
  • Overnight in Signature Suite at Sheen Falls Lodge

Day 7    Kerry
  • Today you will explore the spectacular Ring of Kerry with your driver guide. You will visit such places as Rossbeigh Beach, Valentia Island, Kerry Cliffs, Waterville, Sneem and Torc Waterfal before making your way back to your hotel.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Overnight in Signature Suite at Sheen Falls Lodge

Day 8  Kerry, Adare
  • Today you will depart Kerry for Adare. Your driver-guide will take you on a tour of Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula before you continue on to the village of Adare. Adare is said to be Ireland's prettiest village and you will be staying in the spectacular Adare Manor.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Overnight in Stateroom at Adare Manor

Day 9   Adare
  • Today, experience the true Ireland on a luxurious yacht. You will travel through time and see how Ireland has evolved. Experiences range from "medieval" to "traditional" to "modern". While the day calls for interactions with locals, it truly captures a glimpse into Ireland's culture and history throughout the years. The day will conclude with a romantic Irish dining affair.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Secret Ireland Romantic Escape
  • Overnight in Stateroom at Adare Manor

Day 10   Adare, Laois
  • You will start your morning off with a Falconry session in the stunning grounds of Adare Manor. You will then depart at make your way to the fantastic Cliffs of Moher. A bit of coastline on Ireland's west coast which runs for 8km and rises of 700 feet tall. In the afternoon you will head to the Burren where you will be met by a local historian and archaeologist who will take you back in time and explain the importance of the Burren to the Ireland we see today. You will then make your way to the amazing Ballyfin Demesne to enjoy the evening at your leisure.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Private Falconry Session
  • Admissions - Cliffs of Moher
  • Private Hiking Guide through the Burren with a local archaeologist
  • Overnight in Stateroom at Ballyfin Demesne

Day 11   Laois
  • You will make your way to Ireland's medieval city of Kilkenny this morning, where you will have the chance to explore the city at your leisure. In the afternoon, following your exploration of Kilkenny, experience a premium glass blowing lesson. You will design your very own glass piece with the assistance of an expert glass blower. Your finished piece will be shipped to your home address shortly after your visit to Ireland. This piece can serve as a reminder of your honeymoon in Ireland that you can display in your home together. Evening at leisure.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Premium Craft Glass Experience
  • Overnight in Stateroom at Ballyfin Demesne

Day 12    Laois
  • Have the day at your leisure enjoying everything that Ballyfin has to offer. You will however enjoy a picnic lunch in the early afternoon, as you make your way to the picnic house which overlooks the grounds of Ballyfin, the perfect spot to enjoy lunch.
  • Private Picnic Lunch in the Picnic House
  • Overnight in Stateroom at Ballyfin Demesne

Day 13   Laois
  • Departure day. You will be met by your chauffeur in the lobby of your hotel where you will enjoy a comfortable private transfer to the airport in time to catch your flight home. On arrival at the airport you will enjoy a VIP Meet & Greet which will make check-in much easier. We hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Ireland!
  • Private Airport Transfer
  • VIP Meet + Greet at Airport

Day 1  Edinburgh
  • Welcome to Scotland! You will be met by your chauffeur in the arrivals hall of the airport where you will enjoy a comfortable private transfer to the wonderful Balmoral Hotel. After checking in and acclimatizing to your surroundings you will make your way down to the lobby where you will be met by your guide for the day. You will enjoy an exclusive private walking tour of Edinburgh, where your guide will showcase the city's highlights to you as well as sharing some fantastic nuggets of information on the city's historical past. Enjoy the evening at your leisure.
  • Private Airport Transfer
  • Half-day Walking Tour of Edinburgh (approx. 3 hours)
  • Overnight in Deluxe Room with Castle View at Balmoral Hotel

Day 2    Edinburgh
  • Start your morning by discovering the Made in Scotland story and learn directly from Scottish artisans during a tour led by a knowledgeable textiles guide. This tour includes a Scottish food and drink tasting and a private visit to the showroom of one of Edinburgh's leading luxury accessories brand, Strathberry. In the evening make your way to the Royal Yacht Britannia, the former holiday vessel of the Queen, which is now docked permanently in Edinburgh. You will enjoy a private tour of this historic vessel as you get a unique insight into the life of the Royal Family.
  • Meet the Makers Tour
  • Private Evening Tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia
  • Overnight in Deluxe Room with Castle View at Balmoral Hotel

Day 3    Edinburgh, Cairngorms National Park, Edinburgh, Highlands, Inverness
  • This morning you will be met by your driver-guide in the lobby of the hotel, they will be with you for the rest of the trip. You will begin your venture into the Scottish Highlands today, with your first stop being in the Cairngorms National Park. Your day will be spent off-road exploring the national park as you are guided in a private vehicle through the rolling hills and fields o the Cairngorms. Your guide will be able to point out all the wildlife native to the Scottish Highlands. Your tour will include a picnic lunch which you can enjoy as you take in the breathtaking landscape which lies in front of you. You will spend the evening in the stunning Fife Arms Braemar which is situated in the national park.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Private Off-Road Highland Safari Tour with Picnic Lunch
  • Overnight in Royal Suite at The Fife Arms Braemar

Day 4    Cairngorms National Park, Edinburgh, Highlands, Inverness, Aberdeenshire, Inverness
  • This morning you will enjoy a private tour of 3 Scottish distilleries as you taste some of the best whisky that Scotland has to offer. Enjoy your evening just outside the city of Inverness in the wonderful Boath House.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Private Glenlivet Distillery Tour
  • Private Spirit of Innovations Tour
  • Private Six Pillars Experience
  • Overnight in Room 3 - Lake View Room at Boath House Hotel

Day 5     Aberdeenshire, Inverness, Isle of Skye
  • You will venture towards Scotland's west coast this morning. Your first stop today will be at the world famous Loch Ness, where you will enjoy a private cruise across the loch, which will include a visit to Urquhart Castle and a finger food buffet. While on cruising across the loch look out for Nessie, the mythical monster that controls the shores of the loch. Finally make your way to the Isle of Skye where you will spend the next few nights in the stunning Kinloch Lodge.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Private Cruise of Loch Ness with visit to Urquhart Castle
  • Overnight in Luxury Double Room at Kinloch Lodge

Day 6     Isle of Skye
  • Today your driver-guide will take you on a tour of the Isle of Skye, one of the most picturesque places in the world.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Overnight in Luxury Double Room at Kinloch Lodge

Day 7     Isle of Skye, Fort William
  • You will continue your exploration of Skye this morning before departing in the afternoon and making your way to the simply stunning Inverlochy Castle. Enjoy the evening at your leisure.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Overnight in Superior Room at Inverlochy Castle

Day 8     Fort William
  • Enjoy the day at your leisure experiencing everything that Inverlochy has to offer. Your driver will be on call should you want to do some exploring of the surrounding area.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Overnight in Superior Room at Inverlochy Castle

Day 9     Fort William, Perthshire
  • You will venture back south today, with your first stop being in Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park. Here you will board a seaplane which will take you on a tour over the loch, park and surroudning area. You will get a truly different perspective of Scotland's west coast. You will spend the evening in the fabulous Cromlix & Chez Roux.
  • Driver-guide (up to 8hrs)
  • Premium Seaplane Tour over Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park
  • Overnight in Suite at Cromlix and Chez Roux

Day 10    Perthshire
  • Departure day. You will be met by your chauffeur in the lobby of your hotel where you will enjoy a comfortable private transfer to the airport in time to catch your flight home. We hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Scotland!
  • Private Airport Transfer
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