February 12 , 2016
Given the recent activity surrounding neighborhood drilling in Adams County, we are continually working to keep our webpage current and easy to use.  In particular we encourage you to check out the recent news on our website.
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Tuesday evening, February 9 th , the Adams County Commissioners held a study session with ACCDAN and the American Petroleum Institute (API).  At the conclusion of the study session the commissioners voted 3 to 2 to take a 6 week time out from issuing oil and gas permits and signing MOUs in urban growth areas (largely the western half of the county) to get advice from their newly hired counsel.  More specifically, per the county's statement:

Commencing February 9, 2016 and for a six-week period, Adams County will not be signing new oil and gas Memorandums of Understanding or processing new applications for oil and gas special use permits if the proposed development is within the designated municipal growth boundaries of Adams County and the development is within 1,500 feet of a home or public building.  Any development with currently vested rights will not be impacted by this action.

Once the AdCo regulations and MOU have been reviewed by the newly hired legal counsel, we anticipate the commissioners will vote on whether or not they should reopen the current MOU to incorporate greater protections for neighborhoods. During the recent study session, ACCDAN presented very specific measures we would like to see incorporated into the county's oil and gas permitting process. We are requesting that the entire county be given the same protections we are asking for in the Wadley Farms community.  Please click here to view the ACCDAN slide presentation from 2/9.  Or visit the Adams County website to find the YouTube recording of the meeting.
Please let Commissioners Henry, Tedesco and O'Dorisio know how much you personally appreciate their vote to do a thorough review of the current MOU, and how grateful we all are for their support these past few months.  If you would like to submit a letter to the editor, publicly acknowledging your appreciation of these commissioners, you can find instructions and example letters by clicking here. Additionally, contact Commissioners Hansen and Pawlowski and encourage them to support greater protections for neighborhoods facing the impacts of large oil and gas drilling operations.  We need these two commissioners to support the homeowners and families of Adams County as well.  
Our primary expenses are legal advice, legal representation, community meetings and area wide mailings.  Please help keep ACCDAN a strong voice for the community by making a donation.  You can use a credit card to make a donation through our website, or mail a check to ACCDAN, PO Box 1023, Eastlake CO 80614. Thousands of hours of volunteer time have gone into this tremendous effort to protect our communities.  The results this week were very encouraging.  We need your help to continue making a difference in Adams County.  Please donate today. Thank you.  
Yard signs can be purchased from Chris Nyholm at 13789 Franklin Street (Wadley Farms).  Please call her at 303-451-7762 to schedule pick-up or delivery.
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