May 17, 2020 ~ Building East Bridgewater Community One Positive Story at a Time
Good News From East Bridgewater: Story Share by Lisa Rue
I will call him Zeke.
He has a tremendous spirit.
Zeke loves to tell jokes (He has a joke book),
Works diligently at practicing his letters, words and numbers
(We practiced word searches together - elbow to elbow, “Help me” he would say when stumped),
And patiently resharpened many colored pencils that we used for detailed coloring sheets.

Zeke loved to hoard the basketball when at the court with his housemates and me,
But always shared when asked, each of them taking turns to shoot at the hoop.
They were good!

Zeke started hanging to the side of the court on those two bright sunny mornings a couple of weeks ago. His energy was lower, though he still had a smile on his face, and would ‘step up’ to do whatever was asked of him, and always loved engaging with other people.
Zeke is a chatty fella!

We’ve all been taking our temperatures as we arrive to work at the group home there, and the
temps of the residents.
This is the home I’ve been ‘dispatched’ to since the Day Hab I work at was closed March 16th.

(It’s been an adjustment for everyone. The residents were used to going to different work and day programs during the week. And they usually visit with family and/or friends outside of the house.
So we have found activities to do together there, with masks and gloves on: yoga, sign language, music, movies, meals, walks around the block, basketball, and reminding everyone about what and why this is happening, and what to do for the sake of our health.)

Zeke came down with a fever,
Then it got better.
Then it got much worse (103 point-something).
He was quarantined in his room, and went for a Co-Vid19 test.
That night I prayed for him.
He’s the type of person that will leave a huge hole when he leaves this mortal realm,
And his 60+ age puts him at an increased risk.

The next day I went to the open window at his room where masked and gloved staff had been visiting him:
(An interior window for each of the nine rooms, which are individually painted with colorful walls; The place is bright and cheery; The building used to be a rectory. The parents of one of the residents were married there!)

I couldn’t help but notice Zeke’s extensive record collection by the window - each carefully encased in protective plastic cases.
‘Wow! Look at all of your albums!’ I say. ‘Can you play something?’
He chose the Beatles. I suggested one song, but he played another.

It’s hard to put into words the joyful spirit that was shared between us as
“All Together Now” rang out through the second floor of the house for that song,
with him behind the open window in his room, and me out in a hallway living space.

He sang! I sang!
I danced! He danced!
I clapped rhythms and he clapped along.
When I forgot the words, I made them up; and so did Zeke.
He beamed and spun behind the open window with its rows of albums.

The music completely transcended the gravity of the times, and we were gladly lost in it.

When the song was over, I thanked him for sharing his album and the song of the Beatles, wished him well, and said that I would see him soon.

(I ended up having to buy groceries for another group home the following day, Friday.
FYI, I did not go inside - but left the groceries on the porch, where staff then came out to get it all.)

On Sunday afternoon - Easter, I received a call that Zeke had tested positive for Co-Vid19, and I was quarantined, myself, for two weeks - while also sent to be tested at a local hospital.

The Good News Is

Zeke has been symptom free as of the Friday before Easter -

Which was the day after our late afternoon song together.

His spirit lives on in this mortal realm for the time being,
I am all ver-klempt,
And can’t wait to see him again.

E d Note: We will be announcing the winners to our Good News Contest on May 21. Meanwhile, I just couldn't wait to start sharing them with all of you. We had 22 entries.. each one a beautiful testament to the power of story sharing and so heartwarming! It did my weary heart good, I hope it will do the same for you. ~ Jacquie
Historical Tidbit:

Home Made Ice Cream

In the early 1900's, Ice Cream "Parlors" were rare. If you wanted ice cream you had to make it yourself with a Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker. In 1843, Nancy Johnson got a patent on a machine to make ice cream by hand. This device provided a real treat to just about everyone.

My great grandparents had one that was a little keg about 18 inches tall and 1 foot across with a metal cylinder in the middle that was run by a hand crank (handle). The cylinder was placed in the wooden keg and ice from the iceman or from an icehouse and salt would be placed between the cylinder and keg. Milk, sugar and flavoring, such as vanilla, would be placed in the cylinder and as this was turned and cooled, a thin layer of milk would start to freeze. The rotating paddles scraped off the frozen milk and left a new layer. As the milk became stiff it turned into the eagerly awaited ice cream. This process took from 20 to 30 minutes, depending upon the amount of salt used.

When the process was completed and the paddles lifted out, there was a little ice cream sticking on them and if you were quick enough you got to lick them to get the first taste of the awaited treat.  
sue and her plant 2011
Respectfully submitted by Sue Basile
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The Annual Town Election will be on June 6th.

Absentee Ballots or Early Ballots are now available.

The following offices appear on 2020 ballot:
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Calling all High School and College Grads of the Class of 2020 within the E. Bridgewater & W. Bridgewater “Together in Christ Collaborative”!
I am looking to celebrate your milestone...your short, YOU! I would like to use these Facebook pages (of mine and the parishes) to highlight you for the gift you are to us all!

So, if you can send me...

- A picture of yourself
- A list of your academic/athletic/theatrical accomplishments (from your high school/college years)
- Plans for next year, if known

Please send them to me by way of email (, Facebook Messenger (Paul Ring) or Instagram (padrepaulring).

I will be accepting them/posting them over the next week and I will celebrate the Class of 2020 at the 9:00a Mass on May 13th. Please know of my prayers for all y’all during these challenging times! Be well, stay safe and God Bless!

Fr. Paul
Senior Shoutout
David Connell is a member of the East Bridgewater Class of 2020. In his time at EBHS, David achieved Honor Roll in 9th and 10th grades, was in Forensic Science
In 10th grade and AP Biology in 11th.

Also David was awarded: MAJE Jazz Festival Outstanding Musicianship (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th), Berklee Jazz Festival Outstanding Musicianship (9th), Berklee Jazz Festival Judge’s Choice (9th), John Philip Sousa Band Award

He was also involved in both the St. John’s Choir and St. Thomas Band (as a percussionist). He also took part in the Relay for Life!

David will be attending UMass Amherst in the fall, studying history.

We pray that David will continue to thrive in all his future endeavors.

Re-posted from Fr. Paul Ring, "Together In Christ Collaborative"
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The following Guidelines MUST be observed:
•Appropriate social distancing shall be maintained at all times.
•Please remain in your vehicle until entering the Drop Off Area.
•Face masks/covering and gloves must be worn at all times when outside of vehicle.
•No more than 2 vehicles will be allowed in the drop off area at any time.
•Residents must unload their own vehicle-Staff is for directions only.
•No loitering.
•The removal of any items from the Recycling Center is prohibited.
Shared with us by South Shore Hospital's Youth Heath Connection. The 320 Festival.
An online event created to bring awareness to the importance of mental health, provide resources to our community and normalize the conversation surrounding all mental health pursuits.
To tune into the 320 Festival stream the Educational Sessions and Songs That Saved My Life Concert for free on the 320 Festival’s Facebook and Youtube.
320 Festival

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Storytime w/ Anne from the EBPL

Anne's back early today with a special treat for our preschool friends! Listen to 2 stories: A Good Day, by Kevin Henkes and Sleepy Bird by Jeremy Tankard. Thank you HarperCollins Publishers and Scholastic Publishing for permission...

Read more
Witness: Pandemic 2020
We are experiencing an historic event – a global pandemic of huge proportions. COVID19 is a most unwelcome visitor.
The OLD BRIDGEWATER HISTORICAL SOCIETY invites you to bear witness to the chaos around us. We are soliciting essays, poems, photographs, drawings, etc. – for collection, organization and preservation. We may publish your submission online and/or on social media.
Your submission should relate to the pandemic and how it affects you. What are you doing to stay sane? What’s happening around you? How do you think the pandemic will change things, in our town or around the world?
This is not a contest. This is history.
Rules: You should be a member of OBHS or have a connection to one of the “Old” Bridgewater towns (East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater, Bridgewater, Brockton).
Children and teens are also invited to participate.
Please: Keep your essay or poem to one typed page.
No profanity (although mild profanity may be overlooked.)
Avoid politics.
Please join us in this project!
Submissions should be sent electronically to:
Massachusetts Re-Opening
The Baker-Polito Administration announced 5/11/20 a four-phase approach to reopening the Massachusetts economy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and published Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards that will apply across all sectors and industries once reopening begins. 

Businesses and activities that provided “COVID-19 Essential Services,” per Governor Baker’s March 23 rd  order, will continue to operate. Certain businesses and activities with a lower risk of COVID-19 transmission will open in earlier phases. Decisions and timing will be influenced by public health metrics for when the first phase of reopening begins, as well as when it is safe to move into concurrent phases.
CLICK HERE  for more information about the four-phased reopening approach.
CLICK HERE  for 5/12/20 presentation from the Reopening Advisory Board.

Additionally, the Department of Public Health (DPH) and the COVID-19 Command Center, in consultation with the Reopening Advisory Board and based on feedback from industry, labor, and community coalitions, has developed Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission as employees and customers begin to return to workplaces during the first phase of reopening. These Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards are applicable to all sectors and industries that will be open in phase one, and create new workplace requirements for social distancing, hygiene, staffing and operations, and cleaning. These standards are being released to give workplaces time to plan and prepare for reopening.

CLICK HERE   for more information about the Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards.

CLICK HERE to visit the Metro South Chamber's One-Stop COVID-19 Resource Guide.
Credit: Metro South Chamber of Commerce
Get in Shape for Women in Bridgewater
 We will be open on June 1st - Its time to get back into shape post-quarantine!

Until then, follow us on Facebook for daily home workouts!

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Grant's sends out support & care to all of our communities.
We're all in this together.

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Special thanks to Happy Frog Ink for design and production of the signs and East Bridgewater’s Boy Scouts Troop 29 @Troop29EB who delivered the signs (contactless delivery)--local, East Bridgewater delivery only.

All proceeds will go to the food pantries right here in East Bridgewater.

In these challenging times, people are relying on the food pantries more than ever to help them feed their families. Your support will help them support our communities. #WeAreEBStrong
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I can say, after raising 4 children and living in 7 places in the past 10 years, while facing food and housing insecurity, completing a masters degree and growing the BuzzAround; that I have gotten pretty good at adaptation.

I would like to share just this one thing about this "now" that we are in... it's a great time to fix what's broken, to create a new life. It is, we have time.

So notice: how do you feel?
What did you miss or want the most before the closures & physical distancing?

This might be the time to transition to retirement, or a new career. This might be the time to realize living alone in the family homestead is too secluded, or that you want a home where you can walk to ice cream or the playground. It might be the time to identify new hobbies, music, dance or activity groups to be part of.
Make a list. Do some research. Follow up.
This is your life, don't let opportunities pass you by.
Wouldn't it bee great to come out of this on your way to creating your best life?
"Each of us has the opportunity to change and grow until our very last breath. Happy creating." ~M.F. Ryan

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” ~ Charles Darwin

“When something goes wrong in your life, just yell ‘Plot Twist’ and move on.”
~ Anonymous

Yes, Happy Creating. ~ Jacquie
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