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We sincerely hope this newsletter finds you all doing well and staying safe in these crazy times. At Adaptive, we've been hunkered down at the office with an abundance of hand sanitizer and are maintaining our social distancing! And so, we've been staying busy working on some upcoming projects. Curious about our latest? You can check everything out at the link below.

We suspect we're not alone in being exhausted from the never-ending news headlines, so we we wanted to share some good news instead - read on!
St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Phoenix, AZ
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church is located in North Phoenix in the shadow of the North Mountain Preserve. This much beloved church has been an important part of its community for nearly 50 years and has served many families across several generations.  Tragically, the church was destroyed in an accidental fire in April of 2019, but there is a happy ending – a bigger and better facility will soon rise from the ashes.
Fire Destroys St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Click on the image to the left or the link below to learn about the fire that destroyed St. Joseph's church.

News story thanks to AZ Family 3TV.

The St. Joseph Catholic Church was founded in August of 1969 and began by holding masses for about 300 families in the cafeteria of Paradise Valley High School. By October of 1972 the church had a new home in a multi-purpose building containing a parish hall, meeting rooms and library at its current location, which expanded to include a new classroom building and Adoration Chapel later on. However, the church continued holding mass in their multi-purpose building for up to 500 people. And despite their desire to build a new sanctuary space over their 50 years, the church never realized their dream.

When the fire erupted in the multi-purpose building on that April night, the fire consumed what had been intended as their ‘temporary’ home. And so, while the fire was a tragedy, the parish has turned it into a blessing in disguise. Adaptive Architects has been working with the congregation, who is now optimistic about the future and are looking forward to worshiping in their new space. Parish members desired a facility with a different approach than their original building, and so the new design is based on a “basilica” style that represents traditional form, space and order rooted in Catholicism.
The building will feature a ‘narthex’ or entry area, a ‘nave’ which is the main pew seating area for parishioners, two transepts (one on each side of church) that include an adoration chapel and choir room, and finally a main sanctuary area with related sacristy spaces.

The exterior architectural design of the church is expressed in a traditional Spanish style that reflects Southwestern influences. Design elements include stained glass rose windows with archway pop-out details to highlight the architecture and bell towers that flank each side of the narthex entry.

Exterior finishes include EIFS (exterior insulating finishing system) and stone veneer applications. The color and materials palette combines the stone materials with a white base color and turquoise accents to articulate Spanish Southwest architecture character that address both Catholic Diocese needs as well as our native Arizona environment.
As we send this newsletter, we are waiting for notification of a permit being issued for this project. Adaptive Architects, along with the members of the parish at St. Joseph's Church, are looking forward to announcing the start of construction soon.

Adaptive is excited to be working again with the Phoenix Diocese and with our friends at Double AA Builders who will be the general contractor for this project. We will be sure to provide updates as we move ahead, and can't wait to announce the grand opening of St. Joseph's church sometime near the end of summer in 2021.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church
will rebuild !
Click on the image to the right or the link below to learn about St. Joseph's Catholic Church's plans for rebuilding.

News story thanks to ABC 15 Arizona.

If you'd like to help the St. Joseph's Parish raise funding for this project, click the link below to be taken to St. Joseph's website for more information.
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Happy Fourth of July from Adaptive !!!
Our country just celebrated the 244th birthday of our nation, and we wanted to do our part to honor the occasion and pay tribute to the United States. If you're still feeling patriotic like us, check out the fun below. This video features one of the most explosive performances of the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky along with a breathtaking fireworks display.

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