Friday, Dec 22
Kabalat Shabbat 4:25pm
Candle Lighting 4:26pm

Shabbat, Dec 23
Morning Services 9:00am
Evening Services 4:20pm
Havdallah 5:26pm

Sunday, Dec 24 &
Monday, Dec 25
Morning Services 8:30am
Evening Services 4:35pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 4:35pm

Mazel Tov

Rabbi Mordechai & Sylvia Green and Moshe & Faigy Green on the upcoming wedding of their son & grandson, Shmarya Green, in Israel

Joanne Raphael, Robert & Barbara Raphael, Elliott & Eva Raphael and their respective families on the loss of their beloved husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin,
Stan Raphael, a'h.

 To Ron & Ronit Mesterman on the loss of their  beloved
mother, and mother in law, Shoshana Mesterman of Israel.  Shiva to be observed (through Monday) at 13 Rechov Gefen #7 in Ramat Gan, Israel. 

May the Almighty send His condolences among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.


Kiddush this week is h osted by the Leon Family; Jack, Michael, Erica, Leah & Celia in commemoration of Yahrzeit of
Sidney Harry Leon, a'h.

In the Community
Shalom Village

Shalom Village is currently looking for volunteers to work in Bubbie's CafĂ© from 11:30am -1:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  For a full job description or to enquire further, please contact Debbie Ginsberg at 905-529-1613 ext 236.
Short Vort: Kindling Miraculous Lights
As Joseph saves the world from famine, he amassed fortunes for the Egyptian Empire. The Torah describes, in detail, how he collected vast sums and how he transferred them to the royal treasury. Why the need for all the detail?

The Midrash comments that these bars of gold and silver had special importance to Joseph. He lived life with a sense of Divine Providence and constantly saw the "big picture".  Since he was a child, he was aware of the prophetic vision of Abraham - that his people would be enslaved but,  one day, would emerge with great fortune.  As he counted these bars, he understood that the ultimate recipient would be the Nation of Israel not Pharaoh.  Joseph was sowing the seeds of redemption.

Its tough in life to see beyond the moment and recognize a Higher Hand.  The concept of Mashiach gives us hope and the faith in a better tomorrow.  By simply pausing and taking proper inventory, we can live life with deeper purpose, meaning, and inner peace.
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Adas Youth Programs

Sunday School is on break until January 28th!
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Bar Mitzvah Club
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Bat Mitzvah Club
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