Friday, Jan 12
Kabalat Shabbat 4:45pm
Candle Lighting 4:48pm

Shabbat, Jan 13
Morning Services 9:00am
Evening Services 4:40pm
Havdallah 5:49pm

Sunday, Jan 14
Morning Services 8:30am
Evening Services 4:55pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 4:55pm


To Gayle Kepecs and family on the loss of their beloved husband, father
father-in-law, grandfather, Alex Kepecs, a'h.

May the Almighty send His condolences among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem
In the Community
Marvin Caplan z"l Memorial Community Event

Hosted by the Social Planning and Research Council of Hamilton and Beth Jacob Synagogue

Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 6:30pm

Come celebrate and give back with an evening of dance and music! All proceeds support Tastebuds - Hamilton's student nutrition collaborative, helpling over 30,000 students a day sprout healthy relationships with food through student nutrition programs. 

Performances from:
*The Mixed Blessings
*Niagara Jhankaar
*Canadian Dance Company
*Not Just Another Dance Studio
Emcee: Deirdre Pike

Door prizes
Concession sales
Coffee Bar
Sweet Noshings
Chocolate Tales

Tickets $15 online, $20 at the door.

To purchase tickets online click here.

For more information, contact Beth Jacob Synagogue office at
Jewish Social Services Annual Wine Tasting Event

In support of the Hamilton Kosher Food Bank

February 25, 2018 7:30 pm

$25 per person
Wine & food sampling, raffle/prizes

An opportunity of order wine for Passover

Contact JSS 905-627-9922 for more information
THURSDAY, JAN. 18th @ 7-9pm
at the Beth Jacob 
375 Aberdeen Ave. Hamilton
Shalom Village

Shalom Village is currently looking for volunteers to work in Bubbie's CafĂ© from 11:30am -1:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  For a full job description or to enquire further, please contact Debbie Ginsberg at 905-529-1613 ext 236.
Short Vort:  How Can I Get Them to Listen? 
Under any circumstance, it's challenging to pause and truly listen.  Just imagine the experience of a slave. 

The Torah describes how Moshe was unable to communicate his message of redemption to the Jewish nation because they suffered from  "shortness of breath" (Exodus 6:10).  They were overwhelmed from all sides and simply couldn't  process the information.

The Ralbag (1288-1344)
, in a novel interpretation, attributes the term "shortness of breath" as referring to Moshe not the people.   After suffering humiliating setbacks in his efforts, Moshe's "breath" lost its fervour.   As a result, the nation failed to listen. To inspire others, passion is a prerequisite.

Twice each day in our Shema we declare: "Let these words... be upon your hearts and teach them to your children" (Deut. 6:6). The Alshich (1508-1593
comments that the only way to perpetuate values is to first place them "on your heart."   Being passionate, and showing that you sincerely care, is the only way to get anyone to truly listen.

Rabbi Daniel Green

To share comments, or to read more Short Vorts click here.
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The BIG Night
Saturday, February 10th @ 8:30pm
To Benefit the Hamilton Mikvah

Netkin Auditorium
125 Cline Avenue South, Hamilton.
CLICK HERE for  tickets or to sponsor
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The Adas calendar (until Sep 2019) will be here on Tuesday!

Pickup at the Shul
An $18 donation to the Sisterhood is optional but appreciated.

In the meantime...
Adas Youth Programs

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A-Yo Club & Hebrew Village Presents:

Welcome Back to Hebrew Villagers & Welcome to A-Yo Club members & guests!
RSVP required.
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Hebrew Village
Welcome Back Oli Borr!
We are excited to welcome back Oli Borr who will be partnering with Gila  Messusani & Michaela Wolf (while Moran Makmal is on maternity leave).

It's a New Semester. Sign up Now!
Hebrew Village provides a foundation in Judaism & Hebrew language.  The progamme is  specifically designed  for kids in public school as well as anyone needing extra assistance in Hebrew language.  

A-Yo Club
Following the Hebrew Village classes, the "Villagers" will be brought to A-Yo Club, for a fun, informal, educational experience and activity, with other community children.

The first A-Yo Club event, open to the entire family, is on Jan. 28th at 10:45 AM and will be an exciting Paint Party (Paint Night in the Morning), with Maggie Norris & Oli Borr.  (See above for details & to register).