Friday, Dec 15
Kabalat Shabbat 4:25pm
Candle Lighting 4:23pm

Shabbat, Dec 16
Morning Services 9:00am
Evening Services 4:20pm
Havdallah 5:23pm

Sunday, Dec 17
Morning Services 8:30am
Evening Services 4:25pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 4:25pm


Thank you to Andrew Selbo & Amy Katz for hosting kiddush this week in commemoration of the Yahrzeits of Andrew's beloved parents:
Dov Bear ben Aharon Ha Levi and Rachel bas Chaim a'h

In the Community
Shalom Village

Shalom Village is currently looking for volunteers to work in Bubbie's CafĂ© from 11:30am -1:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  For a full job description or to enquire further, please contact Debbie Ginsberg at 905-529-1613 ext 236.
Short Vort: Kindling Miraculous Lights
Throughout our ancient history, whenever the nation of Israel gathered to dedicate a new Temple, the moment was marked by a miraculous flame that emanated from Heaven. Chanukah was no exception.  ( Click here  for more thorough analysis. )
In ways, the Jewish calendar is a roadmap of experiences with each square filled with its  own particular energy Mirroring the miracles of our past, as we kindle our Chanukah lights we also rededicate a Temple - our own Jewish home.   Like the Maccabees  of old, we aspire to ignite  a spark that will transcend time and space.  

It's not easy kindling a Jewish flame that will last for eternity.  Our  preceding generations a chieved  this  goal in the most trying of times, often with the smallest cruse of oil.  Their strength was not the quantity of their fuel but its combustion quality.  The Maccabees understood that timeless "miracle oil" must be  pure and sealed with the stamp of our holy traditions.  May we merit to see our flames continue to burn strong into the future.

To share comments, or to read more Short Vorts click here.
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This Week!
Miki Gavrielov Concert
Sunday, December 17, 2017 | 4PM 
Temple Anshe Sholom
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Women's Rosh Chodesh Event

Cheese & Wine

Please join us for a night out with friends and enjoy some wine and cheese, while we celebrate Chanukah together. 

Monday, December 18th @ 8:00pm

Celebrating the Chanukah heroine Yehudit! 

If you are interested in contributing to this event please contact Chaviva Kutnowski at

235 Bowman Street. Sponsored  by the Hamilton Kollel 
WHat a Night!!
Largest Chanukah Dinner in Our History!
What a spectacular and fun filled night this past Wednesday. Our HHA students did a phenomenal job singing and dancing and sharing their talents with the community. We had a sold out crowd of 500 people!
Deadline Today!!!
To Sponsor  a Day of Learning 

Please consider sponsoring a  day  of  learning  in honour  of  a special event, a birthday, or in memory  of  a loved one (Yahrzeit).  The Adas Israel Sisterhood has donated the  "day of learning" calendar squares  of  the calendar with all proceeds to benefit the HHA!

New Adas Calendar!
Book your ad in the  Adas Israel Sisterhood Calendar today!!!
Adas Youth Programs
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Club

There's a lot more to becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah than a  great party!  Make the most of your Bar / Bat Mitzvah experience.
For boys in Gr. 7& 8  girls in Gr. 6 & 7
Contact Oliver Borr for details at