The Day After
The "day after" has many connotations and is often associated with hangovers and regrets. Yet, the day after Purim was not intended to be clouded by these experiences. It is immediately followed by another lesser known holiday, Shushan Purim. This celebration is primarily observed by Jews in ancient walled cities (to commemorate how the Jews fought in Shushan for an extra day and only then rejoiced).

While Shushan Purim is commonly dismissed as a pale copy of the original, the Shem Meshmuel argues that the celebration of this day is even more sublime than Purim itself. Why?

Purim celebrates our own deliverance and salvation while "Shushan" Purim marks the celebration of others. It is natural to raise our glass and toast our own triumphs, but it is much more transcendent to rejoice in the happiness of others. In truth, the truest joy is experienced by those who know how to unlock the secret of Shushan Purim. So let us view the world with empathetic eyes and tap into a joy that no one wall can contain!