Friday, June 16
Evening Services 7:00pm
Candle Lighting: 8:43pm
Earliest Candles: 7:30pm

Shabbat, June 17
Morning Services 9:00am
Mincha / Maariv 8:35 pm
 Havdalah 9:43pm

Sunday, June 18
Morning Services 8:30am
Mincha 8:45 pm

Weekday Services
Morning Services 7:15am
Mincha / Maariv 8:45 pm


The Shalom Village Ladies Auxiliary 36th Annual Tea

Wednesday, July 5
Goldie's Place at Shalom Village. Doors open at 1 o'clock. Bake Sale - Door Prizes - Raffle
Please consider becoming a VIP donor at the following levels:
$36 for 36 years, Double Chai! $50, $72, $118, $250, $360 and $500 levels
Tickets: $25.00; Tickets available at the Corner Store, Main Office and Foundation Office

Jewish Social Services

Right here in Hamilton, there's an active group of adults getting together and enjoying not only friendship, but also some wonderful activities. It's the Chevra Club, meeting on Sundays, once a month at Jewish Social Services. Together, they enjoy a delicious lunch and then an interesting program.

Chevra Club is a place to experience fun activities in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The group partakes in activities such as...
Games day, cards, monthly newsletter, Mahjong, holiday celebrations, musical entertainment, dancer performances, Guest speakers on a variety of relevant topics, and trips in the summer.

There is no fee to be a member, programs are very modestly priced to cover the cost of lunch and some program expenses.

If you are interested in being on the E-mailing list  please call Christine at 905-627-9922 ex 23 or Carol Krames 905-627-9922 ex 21.
Great Disasters
We have all heard the well-known phrase: "a disaster waiting to happen."  

It's counter to human instinct to watch a train wreck approach and people siting idly by doing absolutely nothing.  Yet, this is precisely what Hashem does when the nation requests spies to assess the Promised Land.  God foresees the impending disaster but allows the mission to proceed nonetheless (see Rashi).  The result is devastating - the entire generation perishes in the wilderness with only their children being allowed to enter 40 years later.  Why would an Omniscient God set the nation up for such a calamitous failure?

Parenting 101 is the need to give children space to make mistakes.  It may be excruciating to watch, but true growth requires the opportunity to fail.  King Solomon put it this way - "the righteous fall seven times only to rise" (Proverbs 24:16).  Failure is a prerequisite for greatness.  Mistakes are necessary.  All we need is resilience to rise and an abundance of patience for ourselves and others along the way.
Rabbi Daniel Green        FFor more Short Vorts, Click Here
This Sunday!!!
Hamilton Hebrew Academy Bike-A-Thon
Sunday, June 18th

Click here to sign up, to sponsor or for more details.
Coming Up...
Please join HHA's class of 2017 for the
49th Annual Graduation Exercises
of the 
Hamilton  Hebrew Academy
Wednesday, June 21st
27 Sivan 5777

125 Cline Avenue South
Hamilton, Ontario

Reception following ceremony
Drop Shadow Accent Image
June 25 @ Liuna Station
Honouring Dr. Hertzel Gerstein, Dr. Mark Levine, & Dr. Sandra Witelson

    Proceeds will support the Children's Clinic of the Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman PTSD and Health Center at Jerusalem's Herzog Hospital.    For tickets, tributes & advertising, and more information, call 905-527-5516 ext 1, or visit .